Facilitator Applications due Saturday!

Hi Friend,

Have you ever thought about TEACHING what you’ve learned?

Want to build a side-income sharing the principles that change lives?

Sales School and Facilitator Training kick off together in the same meeting next week!

It’s a Two-Fer!

We’re not just looking to fill a few spots on our Sales Team, we’re ALSO looking for a few more high-caliber self-starters who want to earn money from home TEACHING Mindset Mastery and/or Genius Bootcamp.

Make a difference with us

Facilitating Rare Faith programs is a great way to make a difference, while engaging in a deeper study of the Rare Faith principles for achieving your own goals. Facilitators work as independent contractors who set their own hours.

Applications due this Saturday, Feb 24

Facilitator Training 2024 Kicks off Feb 28 and runs through October.

Applications due Saturday Feb 24, registrations due Feb 27, pay plans available.

What our facilitators are saying:

“Thank you so very much, for allowing me the privilege of sharing this information with others! It is beautifully prepared, organized, and most of all making a difference in people’s lives. I am privileged to be part of it all!” – Judy Y.


“I LOVE facilitating Genius Bootcamp so much! …I was very nervous about taking this on, but I’m so glad I did! We had a wonderful experience together that was fun, relaxed, and uninterrupted … Connection and trust were experienced all weekend. … My favorite moments were when tears would flow and the participants shared their breakthroughs. I also loved watching each attendee settle into their space of comfort. The age ranges were great, too. We spanned 14-68. All experienced what they needed as the spirit nudged and guided them. …Thank you again for opening this experience up to me. It is a soul-enriching experience.” Ann F.


“This transformational work always ends up with the perfect mix of people. …The scripting was amazing! The timing on everything went perfectly. The last day it went quicker I believe due to the smaller group, but it was perfect even with that. The …discussion on the first day is always my favorite because it is an awakening moment for those who are new … To understand how our mind works awakens people and makes available to them the potential for new possibilities in their lives.” – Rosa L.

“I like very interactive classes and they got the most interactive on the last day. I also learned a couple principles at greater depth by teaching it myself. – I had never really assimilated the fact that ANY emotion tells the subconscious to give you more of it. I mean, I knew it, but I never really thought about rewarding desired events with MORE positive emotion. Teaching this incentivized me to be more mindful … It shifted something …” – Marnie K.


What their students are saying:

“I attended a live Genius Bootcamp taught by [my facilitator]. It was one of the most amazing, helpful and productive things I have ever been a part of. …I would definitely recommend attending… It will change your life!” – Kristen R.

“[My facilitator] did a fabulous job! I felt my voice and input was heard and valued. I loved hearing from the other participants too. Each activity and assignment added value. I am thrilled to be part of this community!” – Elise A.

“I attended the GBC … It was a beautiful experience… Very emotional… I loved the group activities, it was very well organized. …I loved [my facilitator]… She is not afraid to be vulnerable and she shares her personal stories that really help out. …[it] really give[s] you a new perspective of life.” – Karmen S.


Facilitators in Training CRUISE with us FREE!

The Facilitator track consists of home study training, practice, assignments, virtual group meetings, and online support.

At the end of the track, you’ll join us in person for our Rare Faith Conference and Cruise October 6-12, 2024 to the Western Caribbean – included in your registration!

Click to learn more and apply
If you’re accepted into the program, registration is due Feb 27, pay plans available.

Complete the Facilitator Training application by THIS Saturday at midnight, and we’ll figure out together if this is right for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

❤ Leslie

PS. Want to know more about the Sales School?

Learn more here

>>> New Facilitators in Training get to join the Sales School FREE! <<<

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