Creator’s Retreat – (get 6 months of your life back!)

August 10-13


Calling all writers, creators, and entrepreneurs!

Join us at the Holmstead Ranch Resort, UT August 10-13, 2022

Hi Reader!

Ann Ferguson and I would love to see you in Utah next month! Enjoy 3.5 days of distraction-free writing, planning, creating, and focused production!

We can’t wait to get away for a special event geared especially for content creators who need time and space to really knock things out.

We’re talking e-books, social media posts, journaling, family history research, marketing planning, or any other kind of solo OR team project.


What’s this all about? Watch this:

Come get away to enjoy the time and support you need to seriously focus on completing your projects. After all, the right ideas flow more freely in a beautiful and quiet environment. Focus is critical, and best maintained when interruptions are at a minimum. What might otherwise take months (or more!) can often be accomplished in just a few days when the conditions are right.

So if you’re someone who needs to set aside a special time and place to get things done, join us in Southern Utah at the Holmstead Ranch Resort for this 3.5-day writing retreat.

Provided by Ann Ferguson, owner of Joyful Heart Mentoring. I will be stopping by to meet the participants and learn more about what they’re working on.

(Who knows where all these new connections may lead us!)

Learn more and register here
Includes lodging / food / equipment / and support

Reader, this is going to be awesome. I hope you’ll join us. We look forward to seeing you there!

❤ Leslie

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