Creating the Relationship of Your Dreams

What if…?

Hi Reader,

My friend knows a thing or two about relationships.

So let’s talk about this for a minute…

Most romantic relationships begin with that “butterflies-in-the-stomach-I-can’t-live-without-you” feeling. This chemical reaction may pull you toward the other person, but…

What happens when infatuation fades?

Is there such a thing as a “soulmate”?

People who believe a soulmate is one predestined person sometimes waste too much energy stressing about whether there is sufficient potential for love with a particular person.

However, this can be a superficial, fear-based approach to relationships. These people constantly ask themselves:

  • Is this my soulmate?
  • What if I can do better?
  • What if I was wrong about this person?

If a person believes his or her happiness hinges on making (or having made) the perfect choice, they can waste time and energy longing for the unreachable, instead of CULTIVATING a relationship that can be rich, fulfilling, AND last forever.

  • Do you feel hopeless because you hit a bump in your “relationship” road?
  • Do you find yourself (if single) repeatedly dating the same kind of person, or (if in a relationship) experiencing repeated disappointments?

Come discover your relationship PATTERNS, and explore a NEW way to think about soulmates.

Based on scientific research, years of faith-based application, and her own personal journey, Neuroscientist Dr. Cari Skrdla (shown above) developed a course designed to support those who want to discover more about the GROWTH of true love, partnership, and HOW to move into a healthy, eternal relationship.

Whether you’re single, or have been married for years, you CAN learn the secret to creating the relationship of your dreams.

Every relationship has ups and downs.

The pain of disappointment can feel unbearable, yet it IS part of every relationship. Dr. Cari wants to help you navigate these difficulties, and discover whether the problems are simply bumps in the road, or signs of impending disaster.

Come get the skills you need for better communication, managing feelings, and event identifying new potential challenges in a relationship before they begin.

Introducing: Soulmate Success Mastery


In Soulmate Success Mastery, Neuroscientist Dr. Cari Skrdla will help you learn:

  • How your brain chemistry is impacting your current relationship experiences.
  • How your family history is impacting your relationships.
  • How your self-esteem is impacting others.
  • Why people typically disregard the qualities they want in a life partner.
  • How to show someone love the way they want it.
  • How to identify and handle the most common challenges in early relationships.
  • How to recreate your relationship after many years together.

Starts Saturday, October 1st at 1pm PT
and meets 1 hour weekly for 13 weeks

First 10 signups will get a special BETA rate!

Learn more…

Reader, it’s easier to live Rare Faith and the principles of success when you and your partner are the same page. But, since getting to that point can be a colossal feat of its own, I try to bring you opportunities and resources like this that can help you get over that next hurdle.

I hope you’ll check it out.

To your success!

❤ Leslie

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