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“Some great things have been happening… it’s set me in motion mentally to receive new ideas that will be profitable… I left with all of my questions answered. You over-delivered… It was a wonderful combination of profitable author tips AND tips to help live according to the laws of prosperity. Thank you…!” Camille McConnell

“Yeah! …I can’t tell you how much confidence I gained… and how much excitement I feel over the prospect of moving forward.” Mary Ann Johnson

“‎Leslie Householder rocks! Profitable author was amazing. I am so grateful for the demystification of the publishing process. I have come away from this amazing training ready and ideas are flooding in. Thank you…! I was so heartened and inspired both because of the data [Leslie] provided but truly because of the human courage, desire and a smattering of human weakness that she let us see. Getting to see her as a mom, a wife, a flawed but lovely person inspired me! Who will we inspire? For me it makes the knocks worth it.” Susan Walker Taylor


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The Profitable Author


How Leslie earned over $1 million giving her book away for free. Over 2.5 hours of video instruction with a 150-page downloadable guide. For more detailed info, visit


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