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Working With the 7 Laws of Success

When the law of attraction doesn’t quite work like you expect it to, it’s time to get the rest of the story.

Listening to these 4+ hours of instruction is like getting personal mentoring from Leslie Householder, award winning, bestselling author of “The Jackrabbit Factor” and “Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters”.

Sit in on this intimate discussion about the seven laws, addressing aspects that are not covered in her books. Play and replay the recordings anytime you need a pick-me-up… The more you listen, the more you’ll learn, as you’ll glean morsels of wisdom the next time around that are so easily missed the first time. Before long, your investment can amount to just pennies per lesson.

These 8 audios take the concepts contained in Hidden Treasures to a whole new level

This discussion will leave you energized, encouraged, empowered, enlightened, and ready to conquer all of life’s biggest challenges!

Explore the 7 Laws of Success through this casual presentation by Leslie Householder, captured informally during a weekly study with Leslie Householder’s friends.

Get answers to these questions, and many more…

  • What does it mean when I finally set a goal properly, and all heck breaks loose?
  • How am I supposed to think when things appear to get worse instead of better?
  • How can I turn disaster into opportunity?
  • Discover what’s really happening when things appear bleak
  • Find out exactly how to tune in to a different broadcast of amazing, new ideas
  • See how all 7 laws work together (The law of attraction cannot stand alone)

Topics listed below; more than 4 hours of instruction!

  1. Law of Perpetual Transmutation
  2. Law of Relativity
  3. Law of Vibration
  4. Law of Polarity
  5. Law of Rhythm
  6. Law of Cause and Effect
  7. Law of Gender
  8. Bonus: Vacuum Law of Prosperity

Learn how to work with the 7 Laws of Success to soar to greater heights than you have ever known. Experience the tremendous feeling of liberation as you come to know how natural, universal law can be on your side to help you thrive…

Understanding the 7 Laws of Success is like understanding the laws of aerodynamics. It’s available to you in this very moment, and can enable you to defy the relentless gravitational pull of mediocrity.

Now… Let’s Soar!

IMPORTANT – Read this before you purchase:

The Sound Quality:

When we held this class over an 8 week period of time, due to the production costs and related expenses, the price point for the recording was to be $300. But when the audios returned from production, we realized (after the entire 8 session series had already been recorded) that there had been something in the facility unexpectedly creating interference with our wireless microphone, which didn’t reveal itself until final processing.

In an attempt to remedy the problem, we held the class again for better audio. While it did turn out with better audio, the information delivered wasn’t nearly as powerful.  So, it was determined to be better to keep the more powerful information, than to have less powerful information with perfect audio.

So we extracted all that we could from it, and determined that the information was still important enough to make available, but that we’d have to reduce the price to account for the poor sound quality.  (The second audio in particular was completely unusable, so we had to use a copy of the audio from someone who video taped the presentation. That’s why audio #2 sounds a little different than the others.)

Thank you for your understanding!