See it Done

Writing Course

Do you yearn to hold in your hand the book you carry in your heart?

Hi! My name is Stephanie Francom, a three-time published author, co-founder of Rooftop Publishing, Rare Faith’s Director of Author Services, Rare Faith mentor, and writing coach. 

Besides roasting marshmallows around the campfire with my sweetheart, our children, and the grands, there is nothing more gratifying than empowering an aspiring author to share the truth in their heart from the rooftops.

Have you ever wondered?

  • Why is it so hard to get my book written?
  • Will anyone even read it?
  • Are there any “real” people who have done it before?
  • Is there someone who can walk me through the process?
  • How do I take what I know in my heart and put it on paper?

You’re not alone! I have written five books. But the first two were never published. I limped along completely on my own … until I finally realized I had to submit to a serious learning curve if I ever wanted to be published.

You get it. You are here with a message to share, and you want to present it in a way that will have the most influence.

Books have changed!

…but not necessarily for the better.



The result? Everyone can be an author, but the quality has plummeted.

The biggest mistake I’ve seen new authors make is racing through their manuscript, believing they can do it all on their own.

I don’t blame them. I was one of them.

However, without direction on the structure of their book, they lose credibility. 

Without a professional eye on their cover design, typeset, and interior design, they may weaken their influence.

Without a clear vision of the book writing journey, significant pieces may be overlooked.

So, let me introduce you to the...

Expand your vision with a step-by-step course that helps you see your book as if it’s already done, thereby allowing you to instinctively take your next right steps with confidence.

Inside the "See it Done Writing Course" you'll learn about...

Getting past the Terror Barrier

Discover how to push past your limiting beliefs

Setting a Powerful Intention

Become clear on what it is you really want as a writer

Utilizing Comparables

Learn vital lessons from the similar works of others

Serving your Audience

Determine your intended reader

The Right Structure

Build the proper scaffolding for your message

Doing the Right Research

Ascertain if you need it and possible approaches

Building a Storyboard

Learn what makes a story worth telling

Using Beats

Decide how to fill in the details

Symmetry and Conflict

Discern parallels and balance

Making the most of your Rough Draft

Gain confidence to begin to write

Why to do a Revision x 3

Gather skills for initial self edits

Writing to 3 Chapters

Understand the value of short goals

Using the Learn, Apply, Write strategy

Learn how to see it through to the end

All the Bells and Whistles

Take your book beyond your expectations

When you get the See it Done Writing Course, you will also receive:

Bonus #1

Get access to the Rare Faith Writer’s Corner on Facebook

Rare Faith Writer’s Corner invites you into a comfortable space to kick back, put up your feet, and lean into the creative. Link arms with other faith-filled, aspiring authors while you nurture your own purpose driven writing.

Bonus #2

As a See it Done Writing Course student, you’ll have special access to a recording of each of the latest writing webinars hosted by Rare Faith.

Titles Include:


No. There is lifetime access, and it is completely self-paced.

Some students like to go through all the segments in the beginning to have a broad overview. This only requires a few hours. Others prefer to watch one segment at a time and complete the corresponding assignment. This could take anywhere from 3 months to a year. (Unless the writing process is interrupted and takes even longer.)

Self-development, non-fiction, and family history. Fiction is not hit as directly, but it covers storyboards from a memoir standpoint. Most of the segments apply to fiction as well as nonfiction.

Not a problem. You can start on your own timetable.

You will have access to fellow authors on the Rare Faith Writer’s Corner Facebook group. Stephanie and Leslie also follow the page.

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