The following topics covered by your instructor Stephanie Francom, co-Founder of Rooftop Publishing:

  • Dealing with the Terror Barrier as an Author
  • Setting Effective Intentions for your Author Goals
  • Working with Comparables
  • Writing to your Audience
  • Getting the Structure Right
  • Doing the right Research
  • Using an Effective Storyboard
  • What about Beats?
  • Symmetry and Conflict
  • The Rough Draft Step
  • Revision x 3
  • Writing to Three Chapters
  • Learning, Applying, Writing
  • All the Bells and Whistles

You’ll also get free membership in a special Rare Faith Writer’s Corner, a collaborative Facebook Group led by Stephanie Francom and Leslie Householder, where you can connect with them and other aspiring authors and experts from our Rare Faith community to get the community support and motivation you need to achieve your author goals.

See it Done Writing Course


Rare Faith has partnered with Stephanie Francom, co-founder of Rooftop Publishing to provide you with a book writing course that will help you get your inspired message out. Stephanie is also a Rare Faith program facilitator, so her program will also help you apply rare faith principles to achieving your author goals.

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