Peace of Mind in Any Economy Videocast (The Visual Aid that Changed Everything)

One of the most powerful concepts I’ve ever encountered was responsible for helping us triple our income in three months. And now I’m going to share it with you!

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Why is the visual aid so powerful, and why have so many people watched the entire 75-minute video?

Let me explain it this way:

Suppose I give you a simple math problem, and I verbally say:

“What is the sum of six million, seven hundred fifty-five thousand, four hundred thirty-two point oh-five… and ninety-three thousand, eight hundred forty-seven point three one?”

Maybe you’d think, “Well, that’s simple,” but you probably wouldn’t be able to solve it until it was written down, using symbols.

So, you get a pencil and write:

+  93,847.31

It’s the same problem you had before, but now it’s easy to solve. You see, how you feel about your problems has a HUGE impact on how successful you’ll be at solving them.  In short,

The video presents life’s challenges in a new way – through symbols – and from this new perspective, they become easier to solve than ever before. (Seriously – it’s how we tripled our income in 3 months.)

So let me ask you this:

How long have you been studying success principles? How many seminars have you been to? How many books have you read, and how many audios have you heard?

You know that the concepts are supposedly simple, and they make sense, but just like reading or listening to a long, drawn-out arithmetic problem, it’s hard not to just go into overload to the point that nothing ever changes. The principles of success are simple, but there’s a lot of verbiage going on, isn’t there?

The visual aid I’ll share with you on this webcast makes success simple. It gives you something to “see” in your head when you are trying to change old thought habits, and gives you a visual tool to understand what’s happening when you’re facing challenges, setbacks, frustrations, and fears. It helps you see your opportunities in a whole new light, too.

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Leslie Householder

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