Class Materials

Please obtain the following materials before you begin your study:

  • Notebook or journal and pen
  • Loose lined paper
  • A bat or 3-foot stick or pole (yardstick also works)
  • 2 large sheets of drawing paper or 1 small double-sided poster
  • 1 set of fat colored markers
  • Your workbook provided below.
  • Please avoid looking ahead in the workbook until instructed.

You will get more out of the training and succeed with greater confidence if you follow the directions carefully.

Print Your Workbook

In preparation for your first lesson, please click the button below to download and print your Genius Bootcamp Workbook.

NOTE: The workbook shows the 3-day program agenda from our regular weekend workshop, NOT applicable if you are going through the program at your own pace, or following the more immersive weekly schedule provided by your course leader or guide. You can disregard that agenda page in your workbook.

Bonus Materials

During the course, I mention some bonus materials that you can use to supplement your training. These materials are available here. Please bookmark this page, or just remember to return here to the GBCI Materials and Resources to access them when you’re ready:

Weekly Forum

As a special thank you for joining us in the Genius Bootcamp Immersion Program, at the END you will receive 4 weeks access to our Weekly Forum, a live Zoom meeting for those in our community who want to talk with other students and leaders about the mindset principles in Leslie’s books and programs. Normally, this added benefit requires a monthly subscription, but you can join us at no additional charge for 4 weeks. You’ll learn more about this later.

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