ATI: 25 – The Bite-sized Goal

ATI – Choosing a Bite-Sized Goal

Desmond Tutu once said that “there is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.” In other words, everything in life that seems daunting, overwhelming, and even impossible can be accomplished gradually by taking on just a little at a time.1

There are essentially three types of goal statements:

Type 1) A Long-Term Life’s Purpose Goal that describes how you feel on the last day of your life.

Longer-term Life’s Purpose goals are often most effective in past tense. Pretend that it is your last day on Earth, and that you have just a little more time left to document your feelings in these final moments. Tell the most important things you accomplished in your life, and how you feel about having accomplished them.

This is an extremely powerful exercise because it causes you to identify very clearly what your priorities and values really are. Without a Life’s Purpose statement, you can easily fall into the trap of chasing rabbits that do not line up with your core priorities and values. Having a Life’s Purpose statement in writing will automatically steer you to scrutinize more effectively and select more carefully worthwhile short term goals, than you might have selected otherwise.

All short term goals should fit nicely into the longer-term life’s purpose vision. As you practice choosing and achieving short term goals that support the long term vision, you’ll find yourself participating more and more in miraculous breakthroughs. Serendipitous events will become a way of life, to help you achieve each goal along the way.

You do not need to have all the details worked out on your Life’s Purpose statement. So much of your Life’s Purpose will unfold as you go along, and that’s how it should be. Just do your best from where you are, and it will serve the purpose it is meant to serve.

Examples of Long-Term Life’s Purpose Goals

  • It is my last day on Earth. I am ready to return to that God who created me. I feel so much joy and gratitude to Heavenly Father for my life. I feel joy and peace for who I became, how I grew, and how I intentionally used each moment of my life. I loved God and my neighbor. I loved, lifted, blessed, and served my family and others. Oh, how very blessed I was! I learned continuously, grew intellectually and spiritually, strengthened my testimony, hoped, and worked intentionally. I lived on purpose and with focus on my righteous goals, staying on the path to eternal life and exaltation, and all that the Father hath.

    I did my very best and repented regularly. I helped gather Israel with excitement, gratitude, and joy. I fulfilled my mission in life. I learned how to recognize the promptings of the Holy Ghost, recorded my impressions, and followed them with courage.

    I look forward to my joyful reunion with Mandi, Mom & Dad, Grandmas and Grandpas, and other loved ones. I am ready to greet those for whom I did temple and family history work. I am ready to run to the open arms of the Savior, and embrace Him, and thank him for carrying my sins and sorrows. My joy is full!

    I was a good steward of my body. I took care of my temple. I did my part to live a long, healthy life. I am so thankful that I stayed active, played with my grandkids, served, and traveled.

    I was a good steward of my money. I am thankful that I enjoyed financial independence and prosperity. We always paid a full-tithe and a generous fast offering. We owned our beautiful home and well-maintained cars. We donated to charities and helped others financially. We paid our financial obligations on time and lived with integrity.

    Education was always important to me. I continued to learn and develop the talents Heavenly Father gave me. I am thankful that I contributed through my unique gifts and talents.

    I am so thankful that Scott and I chose each other, and that we started our union in the temple. I love him so much. Loving him was easy. He has so many talents and strengths. Even after so many years, I daily found more reasons I love and appreciate him. We communicated well with each other. We were united in our parenting. We had FUN together. We went on regular dates together and enjoyed annual anniversary trips. We had a strong, and ever-strengthening relationship. I’m so glad we can be together forever!

    I am so thankful that I was a mother! I love each of my children and their eternal companions. Heavenly Father sent them to me for a reason. They were a blessing to me, and I tried my best to raise them as Heavenly Father would, himself. I taught them by example. I always saw the good in them and told them of it. I saw them as Heavenly Father does. I supported them, uplifted them, and I love them.

    I loved my family and our life. We were united. We had strong, and continuously strengthening relationships. We had fun working, serving, playing, and traveling together. We made so many fun memories. I’m so thankful that Families can be together forever!

    I am so thankful and happy that our home was beautiful, spacious, organized, clean, and a place where family and friends often gathered, had fun, and felt the Spirit.

  • I lived a beautiful and vivid life. As I look back on my life, mine has been a life more interesting, fascinating and entertaining than any book or show written! I loved living my life and would not trade it with anyone else in the world.

    I became all that I wanted to be and experienced all that I wanted to experience. I lived a full and regret-free life and every day of my life I stretched myself to become bigger and better than I was and to help one more person, every day, to do the same. My life was one of faith and gratitude in action, gigantic action. I had many superb mentors that taught me exactly what I needed at the time to grow and develop myself and my business to the next level. I consistently developed and improved my skills and talents, but what I am most proud of was the determination, persistence, and courage I made an immense part of my life.

    My greatest joys were in helping others. Those experiences are the most meaningful, satisfying, and joy filled than all the rest of my memories.

    The one thing that tops those experiences is those with my family. I spent much more time than most fathers and husbands spend with their families and I was a good example to my children and even to other families. Many times, I made a positive difference in their lives. I taught them, and even when they weren’t immediately grateful, they later expressed their utmost appreciation and gratitude from what they learned from me. I taught my family not just with my words, but with my actions and heart. I didn’t just tell them, I showed them a better way to live; a happier and more rewarding way to live.

    Yes, I did take a lot of time for recreation and “fun”, but most of the time I included my entire family into it. We took vacations to Africa and enjoyed safaris. We went to the beautiful Islands of Hawaii, Fiji, and others and learned to surf, wind surf, and scuba dive.

    Often, we went camping in beautiful mountain locations, all over the U.S. We did spontaneous things like head off to visit a friend, family, or an amusement park at a moment’s notice. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of my children’s experiences when we lived in other countries together. Those times were fun and made the time together even more enjoyable.

    I fondly remember that not only was I the instructor for my children’s first driving lesson, but also their first flying lesson. I still remember the fun I had showing them how everything worked and how proud I was when they got their license.

    I only have memories of the good and better times with my family. I am so proud of who they have become and what they have been able to do to help those around them. Looking back on my life with them, I couldn’t have asked for better times and more loving relationships than I had and still have with them now.

    Financially, I was a wise steward over my wealth. I always respected and followed the certain laws covering money and its growth. Money flowed to me and I was blessed with the gift of multiplying money and its value exponentially and have used it to benefit and add value to countless human lives.

    My business and career were miraculous. I am still amazed and deeply grateful for what I was given stewardship over and what I accomplished with it. I felt as if I were fulfilling some great mission and calling that the human race required. I wrote, spoke, supported, and showed people how to use the Laws. I even came up with many intriguingly creative and new ways to get my message across.

    My business thrived and was sought after in many, many countries, including the USA, India, China, Japan, Russia, all of Latin America, and many others. As I look back, it’s amazing to me all the sources of residual income I developed and kept alive and active in bringing me the resources to support my family and help others. I accomplished many philanthropic works in my hometown and throughout the world including my work with hospitals, schools, libraries, music schools, business/entrepreneur centers, micro-loan centers, drinkable water systems, houses, roads, better farming methods, and so much more. Some of the places were in third world countries such as Ecuador, Bolivia, Bangladesh, Niger, and many other wonderful countries.

    I took really good care of my mind and body. I sacrificed the time and energy to know how to treat my body. I made sure my thoughts were always harmonious to manifesting health, order, vigor, love and longevity. Those thoughts have been consistently a reflection in my body. I had all the energy I required to give to my family and my business activities.

    I feel deeply grateful for all the close and dear friends and colleagues I made over the years. I seemed to have found and made a new friend with lasting friendships almost every day. Well, it was no surprise. I found something wonderful and marvelous in each and every one of them, so that I found it irresistible not to get to know them. I just loved to point out all their strengths and bring out their hidden potential. And, then help them connect with others to use their unique talents and strengths to the fullest. People always seemed to be lined up and eager to help me and my cause. I think it was because of my desire to serve them and add value to their situation.

    I always knew that I couldn’t take my money with me when I died. So, long ago, I transmuted parts of it into substances I could take with me and give to others to take with them. I turned it into knowledge, wisdom, love, compassion, skills, talents, and opportunities. I developed myself, my mind and emotions to fulfill the measure of my creation and greatest potential. And, I have exceeded my own expectations and amazed and inspired others to do the same.

    When I was a young man, I developed the ability to choose my emotions and thoughts. Throughout my life I purposely chose what I wanted to think and feel. I chose to experience as many of the positive emotions as I possibly could.
    I am content, fulfilled, and ready to meet my Maker.

Type 2) A short-term goal to help you achieve your long-term life’s purpose goal

This one is something that may reasonably be accomplished within a few months to 5 years. It does not need to be perfectly measurable or check-offable. You’ll do that in the next statement type.

Examples of Short Term Goals

  • [Date] I thank my Heavenly Father for the beautiful and healthy body I have been blessed with. All of my clothes fit comfortably and look good on me. I am comfortable and happy in my skin. I nourish and support my body with good healthy food and water. I use and move it in ways that make it strong. I am often active and outside, which makes my soul smile.
  • [Date] I am a successful entrepreneur.  I now create more money while having ample time with my family. I LOVE being home in the afternoons when my kids get home from school. I love making them a snack and helping them with their homework. We sit around our beautiful remodeled kitchen and talk about their day, laugh about their funny stories and connect as a family.
  • [Date] I am so happy and grateful I am now a [certain level] in my business and it is continually growing every month. I am teaching hundreds of people how to heal their gut, they love my products and purchase them month after month. I am so grateful I now have a growing team of leaders that are attracted to me and want to be in my team tree in multiple channels. They are self-motivated and are actively and successfully building large teams themselves, they plug into our system and understand the importance of continuing education so they too can enjoy financial freedom and good health. I get so excited every time I show a presentation to prospective clients and I especially love sharing and holding clinics on my knowledge of the laws with my team members.
  • [Date] I did it! I made over $30,000 two quarters in a row! I’m so grateful and excited! The best part was that I had the most wonderful clients. They were all so easy to work with. They found me and valued and trusted my opinions. They were happy to pay me well. Each closing went so smoothly, inspection periods were a breeze, and closed quickly. I love doing real estate when it works out like this! It was also wonderful that all the transactions were close to home, which helped me to spend more time with my family. (This is a bigger goal than would typically be placed in the bite-sized category, but it is here because it is measurable, definitive, and check-offable by a certain date.)
  • [Date] I am so happy and grateful now that I support my family and all their needs. They are cared for in every way. I love teaching Leslie’s programs and Bootcamps. I feel so fulfilled and the money flows in easily as my bootcamps fill up easily. I love helping people, especially teenagers and young adults, break through their mental blocks. I now do what I love using my talents for the benefit of my family, the community and the world. I feel honored that I bring hope, relief and joy to others. I am so grateful that we are thriving, that I am home for my family, and leaves me feeling fulfilled and grateful. I feel comfort knowing that I always have what I need.
  • [Date] I am so grateful that I gained 100 new subscribers who are excited about the content in my newsletter. I am amazed and grateful for the ideas I got that led to this outcome. That was cool.
  • [Date] I am ecstatic now that we lead successful, profitable retreats that net at least $6000 per retreat. Our events are always in demand. Ideal spaces come at great deals available on the dates we want them, and we attract people who value the experience by paying in full by the dates we ask. We market and sell with honesty, authenticity, and deliver massive value to each participant and their connections. The whole process flows in aligned simplicity.

Type 3) A Bite-Sized Piece of the Short-term goal

This type of goal is something you intend to accomplish within a few hours on the same day, or up to two weeks. Sometimes the most powerful and effective goals are ones that are urgent and intended for completion TODAY.

It can be something as simple as, “Find a financial adviser with [this] particular list of qualities who can meet with us for a full consultation before 4:45 pm today.” Or, “Obtain an appointment with [a person who intimidates you] to offer my services to his company. I am grateful and amazed at my professional composure during that meeting, and how articulate I was. He recognizes the value of my offer. I am grateful for the relationship that was forged, and that I have demonstrated to myself that I truly do have the courage I desired. I am unstoppable! Best of all, I am at peace with the outcome of that meeting. It has opened the way for at least 8 more quality leads.”

It doesn’t need to take a long time, but if you want your bite-sized goal to really move the needle on your longer-term goal, it should be something that either brings up the terror barrier for you to the level of a 9 or 10 or is something that is just that difficult.

If you want to make quantum leaps in your goal achievement, the bite-sized goal may also be something that is beyond your natural control, something that will require at least a little bit of Rare Faith to accomplish it.

The examples below are some examples of bite-sized pieces of short-term goals. This is a very individual exercise and you’ll find that an activity or goal that one person considers difficult, may seem simple or easy to someone else. That’s Ok! Choose bite-sized goals that stretch YOU.

Examples of Bite-Sized Pieces of Shorter-Term Goals

  • [Time of day] I am so happy and grateful now that the glitches were fixed and my website is up and running! That was so easy!
  • [Date] I am so grateful and happy I just personally sponsored a brand new, motivated business partner who has been searching and praying for the perfect business opportunity. And I did it easily while having fun and plenty of time with my family.
  • [Date] I am so grateful that I gained 5 new subscribers today! That was easier than I thought it would be.
  • [Date] I am inspired & energized that I now have an optimal space, at an optimal price for our upcoming retreat, and that I knew what to do and say that led to this!
  • [Date] I am amazed and grateful that I now have the perfect shopping cart solution for our web business. I am grateful that I was led to the right customer service representative who helped me complete this piece of our project before close of business today! I am astounded at how affordable it is!
  • [5 pm, Date] I am grateful that I have now found and secured an affordable place to hold the company launch meeting. It is perfect for our needs and will inspire our guests!
  • [Date] I am amazed and grateful that I so quickly found two new clients today who are excited to get started with my services. It blows my mind how quickly I was led to them through contacts I already had! It is so cool that they are just as excited to find me, as I was to find them.
  • [Date] I am full of gratitude that I have now found a goal that actually carries passion for me. I’m actually excited to pursue this one, and it’s so fun being on the hunt of a rabbit I can finally see!
  • [Date] I am amazed and grateful that, in a respectful, loving way, I discovered what is troubling my teenager. Most of all, I am filled with gratitude that I also know what God would have me do. I am at peace, and she feels love and strength through the peace I emanate. Our relationship has never been better.
  • [Date] I am amazed and grateful that God prepared the way for us to find 1800 dollars by today. I am strengthened, knowing that He is aware of our needs, and cares enough about our little family to help us pay for Susie’s hospital services. My faith is strengthened and I can now apply what I’ve learned to accomplish ALL that God would have me do while I live on this planet.
  • [Date] I am so happy and grateful now that I have received an abundance of money that exceeds what I need to pay for Chaplain school. (Recommended rewording: I am so happy and grateful now that I am enrolled in Chaplain school.)

Word Choice

No matter what you express in your long, short, and bite-sized statements, be sure to review them when you are done and look for sabotaging word choices. Here are some actual examples, excerpts from Goal Reviews I have done for previous clients. I include them here to help you learn what to watch for. 

We have more than enough money to support our lifestyle of travel, service and adventure, and to help our kids with their worthy dreams and ventures.
We have all we need to support our lifestyle of travel, service and adventure, and to help our kids with their worthy dreams and ventures.
Why do you need more than enough? What would you do with it? If you need more for savings and play, etc… then include those things in what you need the money for. “More than enough” implies excess that is not being utilized, and I believe God wants us to always utilize what we’ve been blessed with, in one way or another, even if it’s just to save for a rainy day.
Whenever an appliance needed repair we had the means to fix or replace it.
We were grateful that our appliances served us well and were always well maintained.
Choose words that focus on the positive spin of what you want.
My life unfolds EASILY and EFFORTLESSLY. ANY thought I need to think… I think. ANY action I need to take… I take. ANYTHING whatsoever I need to do, I do.
My life continues to unfold for my greatest good, and I always find uncommon strength to find peace and happiness in all conditions.
Life is not meant to be easy… if it were completely effortless, we would decay. Through growth and achievement we will find some of our greatest joys, so don’t wish for no struggle; seek for strength, peace of mind, and the will to overcome the opposition.
I rejoice in my excellent health and abundant energy with minimal body fat, maintained through daily exercise and healthy eating.
I rejoice in my excellent health and abundant energy, and enjoy daily exercise and healthy eating.
The terms with negative connotations are unneccesary to include; the meaning is not affected by their removal.
Both properties sold for their asking price.
Both properties sold for a fair price to buyers who are excited and grateful to have found them.
We do not need to drive hard bargains. If we must make a sacrifice in one arena, God can make up for it in another one. Our focus should always be win/win.
I loved conducting workshops and seminars and teaching classes.
I love the impact that my classes have on the participants. I feel great joy in seeing others experience breakthroughs.
With this change, your classes will accomplish the ultimate purpose for holding them, rather than just taking a spot on the calendar.
I am grateful that I home schooled my children and was able to incorporate success principles into our everyday living.
I am grateful that I home school my children and incorporated success principles into our everyday living.
Watch out for “was able to” statements… you don’t want to just “be able”, you want to DO it!!!
I always look my best.
I am beautiful and radiate joy.
“Always look my best” sets yourself up for discouragement on those off-days that we all have as part of this mortal experience. Isn’t it really about how you want to feel, more so than how you look? You can be radiant and joyful no matter if your hair is done or not. And if you focus on how you feel, you’ll likely put yourself together anyway.
I was never a slave to my money.
I am the master of my money.
Focus on the positive aspect of the goal.
I am grateful that my wife is thinking clearly, healthy, happy, calm and peaceful.
I am grateful that I have discovered a brilliant way to help my wife know that I truly love and support her just the way she is. I especially feel at peace and strengthened through our relationship.
You can’t rightfully set a goal that decides how your wife will think or feel, but you can set a goal that addresses how you respond, and how you choose to feel about her challenges and your relationship.
I am so pleased that my family now has the freedom to spend time doing things we love and making contributions to our favorite causes.
I am so pleased that my family now spends time doing things we love and making contributions to our favorite causes.
Remove “has the freedom to” – because just because you have the freedom to do it, it doesn’t mean it gets done. If you want it done, say so.
My children’s contributions to society are honorable. I am grateful and happy they utilize their talents for their own prosperous lives.
My contribution to society is honorable. I am grateful and happy that my example shows my children how they can utilize their talents and inspires them to desire living prosperous lives as well.
Focus on you and your own goals, trusting that by example, you will have a greater, more positive, and longer lasting influence on your loved ones than if you focus on making sure they become who you expect them to become. When they are young, you can help them choose, set, and accomplish the goals you feel are best for them. When they are grown, you must lead by example.
My marriage is loving, fun, passionate, communicative, and playful. I love to reach out to hold my husband’s hand.
My marriage is loving, fun, passionate, communicative, and playful. I love holding my husband’s hand.
Do you love just reaching for it, or do you actually want to hold it?
I am out of the bondage of debt.
I keep my promises in full and on time.
Choose words that inspire positive images.
My parents are proud of what I have become.
I am a noble and faithful son who brings honor to his mother and father.
Focus on you and your character. How they feel about it will be their choice, but you can feel good in your be-ing, no matter what kind of external response you receive.

Your assignment this week is to create ONE bite-sized piece of a short term goal, and achieve it before class next week. Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  1. What was the short term goal that your selected bite-sized piece was meant to help you achieve?
  2. What was the bite-sized piece of that short term goal, which you achieved?
  3. How does your short term goal (and bite-sized piece of it) align with your life’s purpose?
  4. Why was the bite-sized goal a stretch for you, and how was it achieved?

ATI – No Competition

A Friendly Reminder that There is No Competition

You don’t have to beat anyone else to accomplish your goal. There is plenty to go around, and even if there are twenty people who want the one available resource or opportunity, there is still plenty to go around.

Many people operate on a competitive plane. They believe that in order for them to get more, someone else must get less. All they see is a limited supply and cannot comprehend where “more” could come from.

This can be illustrated by picturing a pie, with one piece which belongs to you. If your piece of the pie represents the prosperity or wealth you enjoy, then to get more, someone must get less, (see fig. 1 and fig. 2).

But there is another way. To obtain wealth or achieve your goals on a creative plane, you simply add some pie to the outer rim of your piece, increasing the diameter of the pie; and because Nature Abhors a Vacuum, the rest of the pie gets filled in, by law, and a bigger pie is created for everyone, (fig. 3 and fig. 4). This is in harmony with natural law and spiritual law. You will learn more about the Vacuum Law of Prosperity near the end of this course.

As you creatively make your pie bigger, the pie grows larger for everyone!


How does achieving your bite-sized goal increase the size of the pie?

ATI25 – Accountability Check

  • What did you do last week to make progress on your primary goal?
  • What do you intend to do this week to make progress on your primary goal? (Your personal assignment)
  • Is your personal assignment a task on you to-do list, or is it a stretch for which you will need Rare Faith? Explain.