Why the law of attraction stops working

Did you have a breakthrough after applying the law of attraction, only to find out that as time went on, it became more and more difficult to duplicate your amazing results?

Believe me, we experienced the same thing and wondered why things stopped working. Eventually, God placed in my path a person who had been there, and who had discovered the answer and could share it with me. Here’s what I learned:

We’re here to discover the path to true, lasting, and complete joy. It’s the path to God; to a personal, two-way, living relationship with our Creator. We find it by discovering and abiding by His laws. The more precepts we learn and live by, the closer we approach that fulness of joy.

It’s like the children’s game of “hot and cold.” One child hides an object and the other goes to find it. When the second child is headed in the right direction, the first child says, “warmer,” but when the child starts heading in the wrong direction, the first child says, “colder” until, by constant course-correction, the object is found.

In life, when we’re headed in the right direction, we feel warmth and enlightenment from God in our spirits. When we are headed in the wrong direction, the enlightenment is replaced with darkness and confusion. It says, “Colder.”

Proximity does not matter, as much as does our direction. Meaning, a person who is nearly right on top of the object will hear the warning “colder” if they’re faced in the wrong direction, while someone clear across the room will be told “warmer” for being faced in the right direction, even though there is a much greater distance involved. That’s the paradox.

So here’s why our law of attraction experiences can become frustrating:

The law of attraction is a true principle, so the first time we learn about it, it fills our souls with light and understanding, and as we apply it, we’re often blessed to see amazing results. Then, after a degree of success, God wants us to know that there is something even better to learn, something even more powerful and wonderful to discover. When our results are not what we think they should be, or when doing the same things do not yield the same results, He’s allowing us to grope around a little bit until we face a better direction toward even greater joy and success than we have perhaps conceived thus far.

Sometimes we grope until we feel that “warmer” indication from identifying a goal that is perhaps more worthy of our energy and commitment. Sometimes we grope until we recognize that something is amiss in our life and it needs to be corrected. Sometimes we grope until we discover the blessing in our hardship, and come to peace with it, discovering the hidden benefit it contained.

If we have not accomplished the ultimate goal of perfect oneness with God, then the game isn’t over, and we need to pay attention to those “warmer” and “colder” spiritual nudgings. There’s something new we’re supposed to find: a deeper understanding, a more perfect process of partnering with unseen help to accomplish even greater purposes than we can even comprehend.

It’s easy to get off course and not even realize it. When the drive for success begins to eat away at family relationships, for example, it’s time to get back to the basics and re-establish one’s footing on solid ground. When spending has become a little careless, it’s time to demonstrate greater respect for money and show gratitude for simpler things. When we’ve developed a habit of achieving goals that add to our personal comfort, it may be time to set goals for improving the condition of mankind at large.

Wherever we are, if we don’t fine-tune and continually improve our intentions along the way, what once felt warm will ultimately turn cold. This is one reason why I stopped talking only about the “Law of Attraction,” and began shifting my focus to teaching about the more comprehensive “Rare Faith.”

We are meant to learn principle upon principle, so holding tight to just one and never learning any more, will ultimately lead to “coldness”.

Consider the following image. I’m grateful to one of my mentors for pointing this out:

This image represents the path to a perfect fullness of joy, or a path to God. When you walk within the influence of His light, you enjoy the warmth of his Spirit, enlightenment, and divine guidance toward true success.

To begin with, our behaviors can be off of true center, but as long as we’re inside the light-spread emanating from the Source, we will experience the benefits. But as time proceeds and we move forward, if we are not on the center path but parallel to it, we will eventually fall outside of that power, and we will not continue to experience the same results. We must turn ourselves, and move closer to the true center path, seeking more knowledge and improving our obedience to his laws, in order to continue experiencing the benefits of that power. We must find and walk toward the center of the light zone if we want to stay on the path to perfect happiness.

Outside of the light zone we feel “colder,” while inside the light zone we feel “warmer.” But as we move forward, the light zone keeps narrowing, guiding us toward center, teaching us what is true. This is how we are led to all truth if we pay attention to how our choices make us feel.

So don’t be discouraged if you’ve fallen out of the joy or success you once felt. It’s still there for you, and as you search for it by getting back to the basics, you’ll find it. You may be way out in the dark zone now, but the light reaches you again just as quickly as you take a step in the right direction. A minor course correction can sometimes be all it takes for you to feel the assurance again that you’re getting “warmer”.

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5 thoughts on “Why the law of attraction stops working

  1. What you say here makes perfect sense.
    “Then, after a degree of success, God wants us to know that there is something even better to learn,”
    I had a thought and I wondered if you could comment on it.

    I believe that one of the reasons we experience early success is because we are demonstrating Pure Faith (Faith without evidence). Once we experience success the faith is somewhat tainted because our expectations aren’t based on faith as much as they are on past experiences.

    According to Wattles in TSOGR “To think according to appearance is easy; to think truth regardless of appearances is laborious, and requires the expenditure of more power than any other work man is called upon to perform.”

    Once we have success we think according to appearances and often fail to work as hard as we should.

    Do you agree?


  2. The explanation along with the illustration really helps me understand some things in my life.

    Is it like when you’re driving on the freeway, you don’t want to overcorrect if you’re drifting out of your lane a little? You just want to gently steer back to the middle of the lane instead of creating an even bigger problem?

    Well, maybe not. The freeway analogy kind of brings in an element of fear, but your explanation/illus. feels peaceful and uplifting.

  3. It would be grand to find the path that is the will for my life by the creator. I have been so lost for so long.

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