The Vacuum Law of Prosperity: Bonus

By Katalina Bonds

I never knew anything about the Vacuum Law of Prosperity until I met Leslie Householder and her work. I love the story Leslie shares about Bob Proctor’s aunt who hated her curtains and complained about them all the time. Leslie starts her story by stating, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” She said that Bob told his aunt that she actually loved the curtains she proclaimed to hate. He explained to her that her subconscious was in complete harmony with those curtains; otherwise, they would have already been removed. He explained that because those curtains remained, there was no room for new ones to come in. He told her to give the old curtains away to make room for the ones she really wanted. 

She did just that and the next time he came to visit she had new curtains. A way had been made for her to get them and his aunt was so amazed at how well this principle worked that her living room was now empty, creating a vacuum for new furniture to arrive. 

This story fascinated me so much when I heard Leslie tell it, that I decided to put it to the test myself. My husband and I have moved around a lot and we have collected things that we thought we “needed” but was just taking up space and I no longer wanted to be burdened down by owning things that other people could be benefiting from. I did a photo shoot of everything I wanted to get rid of, put it on a nice PowerPoint Slide and posted them on a free cycling site with the intention that the people who needed it would be the ones to reach out to me for it. 

That is exactly what happened. My “junk” became someone’s “treasure.” People responded sounding so desperate and grateful, I knew they needed what I had. The true blessing was getting to meet these people and hearing why they had been praying for this particular item. It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had in giving something away. I used to thoughtlessly throw stu away or just give it away, but this was very intentional and, as a result, left me with a strong impression that no matter how little I think of my “junk,” it can be a true blessing to someone else. 

It may seem a little backwards to get rid of something we need to get something better, but it really works! My intention was to get some new tall book cases for all my books (I love books) along with a new couch for my living room. We had been in our home for three or four years and I didn’t have a place for guests to sit comfortably. 

Since then, I have down sized even more and I am always looking at things and asking myself, “Do I need to keep this or can someone else benet from it?” When I do not make an eort to purge something at least once a month, I feel like I might be stealing blessings from someone else and myself. 

I encourage you to ask yourself, when you are in doubt about keeping something, “Does this bring me joy?” and “Can this give someone else joy?” When asked with an intention to receive something you need, nature, who abhors a vacuum, will surely bring it to you.


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