The Law of Rhythm


By Rosa Long

The Law of Rhythm states that nature’s movements are cyclical…there is repetition in everything. This reminds me of my sons’ schedules…they are consistently on a rhythm from their morning routines, daily schedules, to their yearly holiday events. They are as predictable as the sun coming up on the west and setting on the east. I have recently been told by my husband that he enjoys having a consistent routine as well. The longer I live with him, the more I’m seeing myself enjoy routine as well…to a certain extent.

I love change! To me I see change as disrupting the normal flow of things. I don’t like staying the same and I don’t like not improving myself, my life and my surroundings. Does this sound familiar? I am actually stating that I love RHYTHM! Disrupting change is not contrary to the Law of Rhythm, it is actually following along with that specific law. I can’t explain it better than Leslie Householder describes it in her book, Hidden Treasures. “There are people who strive for better times [that’s me!], and when they experience some, they get comfortable there and level out. Eventually, they become dissatisfied with their circumstances, and what was once wonderful becomes commonplace.” That’s me to a “T”! 

Instead of feeling the Law of Rhythm as a negative, meaning that I have to have a “low” period in my life, I’m actually just wanting an improvement (aka “Up”) in my rhythm. See the visual below:


I love that you can change the wavy horizontal rhythm from ups and downs to a 45 degree stairwell going UP

That’s how I feel I’ve been living the Law of Rhythm. I’m sure there were years of horizontal rhythm when I stayed in a comfort zone too long. For the most part; however, I have felt that I have had continuous growing and learning and had my life improved and experienced some major personally growth.

I choose to use the Law of Rhythm as a positive upswing in my life. I choose to visualize great things in my life and choose where my rock bottom will be. I choose to learn from other’s experiences to avoid making similar mistakes because I don’t need to fail hard or suffer greatly to learn. I gladly choose to seek the positive out of every experience and be grateful for all things. In gratitude, I find peace and joy.

Rosa Long
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