The Law of Gender and Gestation


By Ken H Carroll

The Law of Gender states that in nature there must be a male and female of every kind. One to plant the seed and one to grow and nurture the seed. Our mind is the grower and nurturer of seeds that are planted there from innumerable sources of ideas that come to us from so many places. The Law of Gestation states that for every seed that has been planted there is a set time for the seed to grow and mature.

In 2005 I was living with my family in Arizona. Circumstances required us to move to Idaho Falls. I was faced with a change in my career and had been trying to decide what to do. The idea came to me very powerfully that I wanted to become a life success coach. The idea excited me but I had no idea how to do that and to this point in my life, I couldn’t really say I was a success at anything that would qualify me to stand in front of an audience and teach others. I figured I would study coaching and work to become a success at something. I also didn’t really know the laws of success.

Life at the time was very challenging and got even more challenging when we moved to Idaho Falls. In my searching for success, I had many doors closed to me and I was very frustrated. I was finally introduced to the DVD “The Secret” and became so excited to see how everything I had learned from many books came together in the Law of Attraction. I looked at my life and realized that almost every facet of my life was out of balance and I set to work to put things back together.

In my pursuit of answers I was led to this course and through this course and many other books, tapes, CD’s etc I have learned the principles or laws of success and have had some considerable evidence of success in the many areas I have been applying these laws. My life is coming back together and beginning to move in harmony. I am excited about life again. I have graduated with honors from the Jack Rabbit course and I am scheduled to be in Mesa for the inaugural mentor training at the end of July. By the time I am certified and really begin coaching, the gestation period for this idea seed will have been about three years.


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