The Law of Gender and Gestation


By Rosa Long

The Law of Gender states that in all creation there is someone to plant the seed and someone to grow it. For an idea to grow there must be an idea planter and idea grower. The Law of Gestation states that every seed has an incubation period. So, once a seed is planted and the grower starts to grow it, there is a set time before it will bear fruit. This is probably the most difficult of all the laws because it requires patience.

I am going through something right now that the Lord has planted into my mind but my husband is not ready to grow that idea. We both agreed many years ago that making the decision of when to move the boys into a group home would never happen because we just couldn’t imagine making that decision ourselves. So, we let the Lord know we would wait on him to decide when is the best time for his children to move into the next stage of their lives.

I received that answer a couple of months ago. My husband has not. Some of his hesitation is because he loves the joy the boys bring into our daily lives. I get that. He loves his children so very much. I couldn’t ask for a better father for my children. However, I have experience with a brother who has special needs and lived with my parents into his mid-40s. Now he is like a 16-year-old trying to find his way in the world. He could have learned all those skills at a much earlier age in a safe environment had my parents pushed him to take advantage of those services. I knew there would come a time when I would hinder my children from growing as well and I was ready for it more so than my husband.

I am realizing that the idea must have a gestation period waiting to bloom at just the right moment. I’m seeing it a couple of months down the road. I hope I am right and I pray for patience if I’m wrong.

I have done my homework, found the perfect group home. It is the same company that manages their amazing day program that the boys love so much. The house is ready and waiting for them. I am preparing possibilities for revenue to replace the revenue that will be lost when they move out. I’m looking at the real estate market so that we can sell at the high end and downsize as we ready ourselves to receive our dream home.

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