The Dance

By Katalina Bonds

According to Leslie Householder’s book Hidden Treasures, The Law of Perpetual Transmutation states that everything is either coming into form or going out of form. This law was the first one that I understood after I read The Jackrabbit Factor. Reading The Jackrabbit Factor was like discovering a gold mine that I have been mining for these past 20 plus years. Maybe that’s why it took no work on my part to have immediate faith in it. Immediately after I read the book, a vision came to my mind with such clarity that I had no doubt it was from God and that he had a very good reason for planting it in my heart.

The vision had come quickly and vividly…I received it as truth. That’s what faith is, “seeing the results in your mind as though they were already realized” (Hidden Treasures, Leslie Householder, Pg 43). Gaining this piece of knowledge (Law of Perpetual Transmutation) was like filling in the missing piece of a puzzle that allowed me to see the whole picture.

The vision of my log home on a 100-acre property is my first application of the Law of Perpetual Transmutation. I loved learning that I was encouraged to spend a lot of time visualizing my dream home and feeling what it will feel like as if it was already there. I can dream and know that all I would need to achieve that is coming to me!

The emotions were added as I imagined myself living in my beautiful log home as a successful public speaker, mentor and healer working from my comfortable yet classy office space on the second floor of my log home with a view of the mountains in my back yard. On my property are 3 little cottages that I imagined would be used when family comes to visit or vacation at our home. This way they have their own space. Being able to provide my family with such a sanctuary fills me with so much joy.

On the property is also a small farm so Javier can enjoy his farm animals that he loves…the cow, llama, chickens, ducks, goats, pigs, etc. I love horses so there is also a beautiful stable for my Friesen horses that we ride on the beautiful trails on our 100-acre property.

We also have a huge garage that houses all of Brian’s motor toys and our Tesla S. III, and X.

Recently, the Lord inspired me to add a big room above the garage that will be fitted for my mentoring retreats. The cottages will be available for them during these events. I had no idea how that would be created, but, it is coming into form as I type.

I love the Law of Perpetual Transmutation because as long as I cast out all fear and doubt and believe with complete faith, I know that all the parts and pieces of it are gradually lining up.

I understand now how I was previously doing the perpetual transmutation dance incorrectly. As I created my dreams, I started doubting almost immediately in my ability to make them come true. So, I would believe, then doubt, believe, then doubt…eventually I left doubt sitting there and my dreams stayed away. I love to dance, but this is not one I will choose to participate in ever again.

I choose to believe that the Universe is working for me. So, because I believe that all I need is in a dance moving towards me, I’ll continue moving my feet.


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