How to Influence Through Stories

Ty BennettPositive Thinking Tip: Master The Most Influential Form of Communication, and everything else goes better – become a great story teller!

I am excited to tell you about a free video series my friend Ty Bennett (pictured here) is sharing this week. Ty is an extremely successful entrepreneur, speaker, & author – in fact, he built a $20 million business in his twenties!

Ty is a master communicator who has a unique ability to make the complex simple and in his three part video series he is going to break down the keys to influential communication.

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If you want to be a better salesperson, deliver a more powerful message as a speaker, move people as a leader or be a more powerful parent or teacher – check out these videos.

Ty is going to dissect how you can communicate using stories so that you can cause people to adopt your ideas, buy your products & take action on your vision.

Great communicators are great storytellers – and the great news is, anyone can learn the skill of storytelling. These free videos are going to teach you how to do it.

Learning this skill will skyrocket your influence and effectiveness.

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People love stories. Stories inspire, stories motivate and stories evoke emotion in people that causes them to respond, to take action, to adopt your ideas and buy your products. Stories are an influencer’s best friend and today, my friend Ty Bennett put out a free video series that is going to teach you how to tell stories that influence people.

Ty struggled to influence people when he first started out until he learned some of the communication keys he is going to share in these videos. These are deep content videos that you are going to enjoy, but more importantly, you’ll learn a lot from them, too.