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The Power of Words

By: Sarah Young I knew words have power. I have seen the effect of words that have been strategically placed or flippantly strewn about numerous

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Feel the Dream

By: Sarah Young One Monday morning, I was at work going through my normal routine and had a local radio station playing in my ears.

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Never Alone

By: Sarah Young Pride has always been one of my downfalls. As nearly the youngest of 13 children, I learned independence early on – if

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It Starts Now

By: Sarah Young I found myself once again perusing Facebook when I saw a question presented, “What would your occupation be if you had followed

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Anger is a Choice

By: Sarah Young The yelling. The screaming. The tears. The temper tantrums. You would think I was talking about a three-year-old, when in fact it

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Right Thinking

By: Sarah Young I was excited to start Genius Bootcamp as I knew it would help teach me how to recognize my “portal to genius.”

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