Right Thinking

By: Sarah Young

I was excited to start Genius Bootcamp as I knew it would help teach me how to recognize my “portal to genius.” It had been a rough journey to get into the class because I was supposed to attend a different session, but the current pandemic put a crimp in those plans. Fortunately, an evening session with an adjusted schedule was just added that would allow me to take minimal time off work while providing me the same material.

As the class started, it soon became apparent that the facilitator’s internet was not going to cooperate. It kept freezing and then dropping her connection every few minutes, ultimately resulting in her almost entirely losing service. It turned out that an ice storm froze her internet antennae on her roof and it would be several days before it would be restored.

The facilitator determined it might be best to reschedule and, after confirming it was okay with all attendees, the class was moved to the following week. I was grateful that my supervisor allowed me to change my time off from work, and I returned the original time off I had scheduled.

The facilitator said, “Somehow this is going to work out better for all of us and I’m believing there is a reason!!” I joked, “To help us practice “right thinking!” She concluded, “I kept thinking there’s got to be a genius idea here!! Maybe rescheduling is the genius idea? I don’t know but I’m sure we will see why in time.”

I work in a call center where I take phone calls assisting people with their billing issues and simple policy questions. Most of the calls I receive are relatively easy and are resolved within 5 to 10 minutes. It was just before the end of my shift when I received my last call of the night. When the call came through, it started out simple enough and the lady was quite pleasant throughout the course of our conversation. Soon, however, the situation became a lot more complicated.

She had attempted to cash a check at her bank that my company sent her that resulted in her getting fees assessed because a stop payment had been placed on it. It turned out that she thought the check was a refund of an overdraft fee she was assured she was receiving. She called in to figure out what was going on, why the check was stopped, and why she had not received a refund of the overdraft fee that she had said she had been promised. Fortunately, her bank removed the most recent fees, but now I need to determine if she was owed this other refund or not.

On initial inspection, it appeared the refund was denied, and the check was for a reversed payment that she had already received back in her account. After much review, I determined that she was entitled to the overdraft refund, so I submitted the refund request once I received the final approval from my supervisor. As I was reviewing the billing information, I also discovered that there was money sitting in our cash system that was marked as an overpayment to her account. At one point in the conversation, however, I had determined she made a premium increasing change, so I told her that I would make sure to apply that money to her policy.

The Law of Polarity basically states that everything of consequence has an opposite – if a little bad exists, so does a little good; or if a lot of bad exists, then a lot of good can also be found. An ice storm resulted in my class being cancelled for that evening which led to my decision to return the time off I had scheduled which made me available to take the call for this particular customer. My attention to detail and determination to find the truth resulted in getting the customer her money back and also prevented her from calling us back if the “overpayment” had, in fact, been mailed out instead.

Later that night, I reached out to my class facilitator and said, “I had a customer on the phone tonight that I think may be at least ‘A’ reason why we needed to reschedule. I got the call shortly before 8 EST and did not log out until 8:24 (hello overtime!) She had a fairly complicated billing situation that I was able to resolve and I [choose to] believe I was possibly the best person for her to talk with.”

It seems it truly was a lesson in some “right thinking.”


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