Public Speaking and The Law of Rhythm

By James Chase

As we go through life we all have highs and lows. We have our good days and our bad days. We have successes and we have failures. This is what the Law of Rhythm is and teaches us. We see this in nature where the ocean has high tides and low tides. The sun rises in the morning and it sets in the evening. Within ourselves we have good times and we have bad times intellectually, emotionally and physically. Knowing this life is much easier to handle and we can still do our best.

This of all the laws is best explained by using some of the other laws. When we look at the rhythm of good and bad we are witnessing the Law of Polarity. They are only good or bad in how we relate to them with the Law of Rhythm. Because things go in cycles of change the Law of Perpetual Transmutation comes into play. At the core of this is the Law of Vibration where we attract what we think about – both good and bad. So when we are on a downswing we also know that an upswing is coming.

When it comes to public speaking I have coached students through the bad time where they feared getting up in front of an audience to the point where they have given a great speak and experience little or no fear. But to do this I had to understand and experience the Law of Rhythm myself. I had to understand that when I gave a bad speech that a good speech was on the way. Because I understand this law it allows me to help others.


Dr. James B. Chase, Jr., EdD
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