Public Speaking and The Law of Cause and Effect

By James Chase

When it comes to public speaking the Law of Cause and Effect is ever present. In fact one of the organizational patterns that I teach is cause and effect. This law according to Ralph Waldo Emerson is the law of laws. Why? So much focus seems to be put on the Law of Vibration where we manifest our desires but it is the Law of Cause and Effect that puts it into manifestation process. To describe this law you hear this definition – “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” In essence what you give is what you get.

What makes it work the most in the most effective way is when the thoughts and actions work together. It manifests quicker. When it comes to public speaking your desire and action will allow you to have a more effective speech. On the other hand if you are your focus or desire is on the fear of getting up in front of an audience it will manifest just as fast and your speech will not be as effective as it could be.

Your thoughts and actions must work in harmony with one another to get the desire effect. This desired effect comes from purpose. What is your ultimate purpose? Purpose is the key to giving an effective speech. Purpose is one of the first principles I teach in my classes. I assign my students to read, listen and analyze one of the best speeches (in my opinion) – Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Nearly half a decade later it still has an effect on the public consciousness. This speech started with a purpose and is what keeps you on track. Purpose is the beginning point and The Law of Cause (Purpose) and Effect (Results) carries it out.


Dr. James B. Chase, Jr., EdD
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