We kick off on the first Thursday of the month and meet for one hour each week via Zoom for four weeks. A replay will be provided.

Thursdays 3pm PT / 4 MT / 5 CT / 6 ET
with Dr. Cari Skrdla, Neuroscientist and Human Performance Specialist

  • You have untapped potential.
  • Are you ready to unleash it?


When two people doing the exact same thing can experience completely different results, what is it that really makes the difference? The missing piece is not what most people think it is and too many people waste too much time and energy trying to remedy the wrong thing.

In this program, you’ll gain a heightened awareness of your own potential and learn how to get the competitive edge you need to blow the lid off of your limitations. Every breakthrough has its genesis in the “secret sauce” we’ll reveal here. Apply that secret sauce to each of your goals or endeavors, and you can become unstoppable.

Once you get a vivid glimpse of the previously unseen exit path out of the limitation entrapment, hope surges, motivation mounts, and you can hardly keep yourself from doing that thing you know will bring you greater success than you have ever experienced before. So…

  • What would you like to achieve?
  • How would you love for things to be different?


When you enroll, you’ll receive a program guide and instructions for joining the 4-week training sessions.

You’ll also get to join our Mindset for Success Weekly Forum sessions (Thursdays at 6pm PT) for the duration of your enrollment, recordings provided if you cannot attend live.

BONUS: Includes complimentary enrollment in our Rare Faith Foundations Course, to enjoy immediately while you wait for your 4-week class to begin.

1 review for Unlocking Your Potential

  1. Leslie Williams (verified owner)

    Through this program, I had greater insight and understanding into who I am, how and why I have the automatic responses that I have. This program is very enlightening. I’m grateful for Cari Skrdla, her guidance, her personal examples, and making the content personal to each individual.

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Unlocking Your Potential

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This program gives you:

  • Expert-led guidance to a personal shift
  • Time-tested breakthrough formula
  • Strategies that simplify success for improved results this year
  • A one-on-one strategy session with a team member


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