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129 reviews for Portal to Genius

  1. Jennifer

    This book, Portal to Genius, is an amazing book. I like how it is written in a story form where it was easy for me to see how the laws and principles taught come together in real life. I have read and listened to many books and speeches about how to change, how to improve oneself, how to reach your goals, how to, how to. But this book actually taught me how to do it in a way that I easily understand. The book is all about things that I knew already, but now I know how to use that knowledge according to the laws. I can look back over my life and see where I lived these laws and principles unknowingly and see how I was blessed by my loving Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ. I am so grateful this knowledge was given to me. This is a book everyone who want a change in their life needs to read. Thank you.

  2. Gail Curtis (verified owner)

    I loved it! It was well written and kept your interest. Not only that, it was inspiring and helped solidify the principles of success! Thank you for making it available so I can refer back to it as I continue to apply the laws that are helping me grow into who I know I can become.

  3. Kimee

    This is hands down one of my new most favorite books. I have gone through it twice in a little over a month and love it. My husband and I started it a couple of years ago and almost finished it, but when I read The Jackrabbit Factor and Portal Genius this time, I felt like I have never even read it. Absolutely amazing and very inspiring. Thank you so much. I want to learn and know these principles, particularly since I had such a life changing experience in Genius Boot Camp. I want to be able to live these every day and teach them to my children.

  4. Chanelle Neilson

    I learned so much from this book and I love the way the information is presented. It made it feel real and doable.

  5. chevy chisholm

    Amazing book! Don’t miss reading a story that could transform your life.
    Thank you Leslie!
    In kindness,

  6. Scott Shaffer

    This is absolutely amazing! There is so much to learn from Portal to Genius, including how to allow your passions to drive your work, how to find genius ideas to prosperity in wealth, health, and relationships. I highly recommend this inspiring read to anyone who is ready and committed to discovering who they are and to changing for the better.

  7. Leslie Williams

    Portal to Genius is an amazing continuation of The Jackrabbit Factor. It shows how fast things can happen when we have a spark of genius that lights our spirits and the impact it can have on others when we act on the idea. I appreciate that the book also makes it clear that we will face challenges in life, even when we are being intentional about our thoughts, and that the challenges help us grow with the right perspective. I highly recommend Portal to Genius and The Jackrabbit Factor!

  8. Emmy Amick

    A wonderful adaptation of how the laws introduced in “The Jackrabbit Factor, Why you can” effect long term life goals and how you will eventually see the fruits of your labors of thought! an easy read, or listen too, I got the Audible version. it was good to see how the Characters moved past their inhibitions and hesitancies, and also a great show of how to jump or the circumstances around the jump moments when they come! and how amazingly they paid off! Thank you Leslie and Trevan!

  9. Carol

    A unique perspective of the whys of success, this book is one of a trilogy, but they are stand alone books:
    Jackrabbit Factor
    Hidden Treasures
    Portal to Genius

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Portal to Genius

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