Portal to Genius

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Because the solution to every problem is only an idea away. Also available as a free download at PortalToGenius.com or you may listen on Audible.

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All formats (except the MP3 download option) include a complete copy of the original Jackrabbit Factor story.

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126 reviews for Portal to Genius

  1. Chanelle Neilson

    I learned so much from this book and I love the way the information is presented. It made it feel real and doable.

  2. chevy chisholm

    Amazing book! Don’t miss reading a story that could transform your life.
    Thank you Leslie!
    In kindness,

  3. Scott Shaffer

    This is absolutely amazing! There is so much to learn from Portal to Genius, including how to allow your passions to drive your work, how to find genius ideas to prosperity in wealth, health, and relationships. I highly recommend this inspiring read to anyone who is ready and committed to discovering who they are and to changing for the better.

  4. Leslie Williams

    Portal to Genius is an amazing continuation of The Jackrabbit Factor. It shows how fast things can happen when we have a spark of genius that lights our spirits and the impact it can have on others when we act on the idea. I appreciate that the book also makes it clear that we will face challenges in life, even when we are being intentional about our thoughts, and that the challenges help us grow with the right perspective. I highly recommend Portal to Genius and The Jackrabbit Factor!

  5. Emmy Amick

    A wonderful adaptation of how the laws introduced in “The Jackrabbit Factor, Why you can” effect long term life goals and how you will eventually see the fruits of your labors of thought! an easy read, or listen too, I got the Audible version. it was good to see how the Characters moved past their inhibitions and hesitancies, and also a great show of how to jump or the circumstances around the jump moments when they come! and how amazingly they paid off! Thank you Leslie and Trevan!

  6. Carol

    A unique perspective of the whys of success, this book is one of a trilogy, but they are stand alone books:
    Jackrabbit Factor
    Hidden Treasures
    Portal to Genius

  7. Lana Croucamp

    I am so grateful to have found this book, and it’s predecessor, The Jackrabbit Factor! This, in itself, is proof to me that we find exactly what we need, when we are ready to grow and change! Both books are quick and easy to read, very engaging and so equipping! I’m definitely sharing this with my teen children! Thank you for the gift of these equipping books!

  8. Jenette

    Mind blowing information here!

  9. Charlene Jenkins

    I have a grandson who is really into football! I am reading this book with / to him. It is so fun to pass on this wonderful information to the next generation! Can you imagine what he will be able to do if he knows this now at 13! Thank you Leslie for this story.

  10. Charlene Jenkins

    I bought the book Portal first, so after reading it I had to go get Jackrabbit! I also have Hidden Treasures. Love the books and love how they have helped me in so many ways! God is good!

  11. Alison

    Fun and engaging way to see the laws and the challenges that come with growth.

  12. Pat Gehler

    This book ads layers of meaning and understanding to the concepts that were in Jackrabbit Factor as well as bringing more useful laws into the mix. While I have the electronic written version of the book, I chose to also get the Audible version and that is helping me SEE the concepts on the screen of my mind as well as FEEL the emotions triggered while operating with the laws illustrated in the Portal to Genius. Excellent!

  13. Julie

    I really enjoyed this quick and easy to read book. It has opened up my mind to new possibilities and I am excited to see what lies ahead. I have struggled with many of the topics that are addressed; financial concerns, not sure what next step to make, etc. This book has given me additional motivation to trust God and trust the impressions He gives me. I have signed up for her Genius Bootcamp workshop in the next few weeks and really excited to see what manifests! Thank you, Leslie!

  14. Julie Crane

    I really enjoyed this quick and easy to read book. It has opened up my mind to new possibilities and I am excited to what lies ahead. I have struggled with many of the topics that are addressed; financial concerns, not sure what next step to make, etc. This book has given me additional motivation to trust God and trust the impressions He gives me. I have signed up for her Genius Bookcamp workshop in the next few weeks and really excited to see what manifests! Thank you, Leslie!

  15. Suzy

    I absolutely loved this book and the other two, The Jack Rabbit Factor and Hidden Treasures. Leslie Householder describes the Laws of Abundance in an easy to understand way that has made a huge difference in my life. I am a huge believer in the power of positive thought!

  16. Suzy Rosenow

    I absolutely loved this book and the other two, The Jack Rabbit Factor and Hidden Treasures. Leslie Householder describes the Laws of Abundance in an easy to understand way that has made a huge difference in my life. I am a huge believer in the power of positive thought!

  17. June Jones

    Portal to Genius is just that Genius. The book reminded me why I have the goals that i am working to accomplish. It has principles to follow so you know what to do and how to reach your desired goals. It is a book I will reread over and over.

  18. Robin Howard

    Good information to learn from. We are creators, which the story here does give support to this and helps me understand more as I have read it. I signed up for the Genius Bootcamp and it was a helpful read to prepare me the class, soooo excited!

  19. Don Heater

    Loved Portal to Genius since I am an Engineer in the medical device industry it really hit home. Enjoyed it, it was an easy read and I hate reading. Thanks. Don

  20. Maureen Hooker

    Great story. Quick, easy read. Timeless message. If truly incorporated in one’s life and mindset, it could be considered life-changing. Read Jackrabbit Factor first.

  21. Maureen Hooker

    Great story. Quick, easy read. Timeless message. If truly incorporated in one’s life and mindset, it could be considered life-changing. Read Jackrabbit Factor first.

  22. Phil Small

    Portal to Genius takes you to a higher level of consciousness and brings home the idea that we are connected to a greater mind that does have all the answers. It’s a great book and an open mindset is necessary to get the most from it.

  23. Amy Dickie

    This book shares how to create the life of your dreams. I only wish I would have read it years ago when I first heard about it. And I plan to re read and share it’s greatness. SUCH A POWERFUL LIFE CHANGING BOOK!!!!

  24. Samuel

    I loved reading Portal to Genius. It really got me thinking about my life and how everything in my pay has led me to where I am now. Despite the hardships I now face, I have a greater willingness to accept them as learning opportunities, and be grateful for the opportunity to learn from my challenges. Rather than think, “Why are things going so bad,” I think, “What an I to learn from this?” I feel to stay focused on my goals, no matter what seems to interfere with them.

  25. Michelle Gedde

    I ABSOLUTELY loved Portal to Genius….I had a hard time putting it down to get things done or to go to sleep.

    It has definitely changed my thinking, and my actions!

  26. Sarathkumar

    Everything you write is an inspiration to humanity. I want you to write many sequels as I do not want it to end

  27. Cathy

    Thank you for putting your knowledge in such easy to read story. Very interesting. God bless to you and your family. Thank you!

  28. Lisa Olney

    I loved this book! Couldn’t put it down. I wanted to more. I loved the way Leslie made it a real life scenario. It was so relatable and easy to understand. Thanks for making this book available to everyone. Must read!

  29. Sarat

    So touchy and interesting
    I love it

  30. Karin

    The book touched me on an emotional level that is difficult to put into words. It’s a real page turner that taught me a lot of the principles with “real” examples, in the lives of “fictional” characters. I would really recommend this book to anyone interested in law of attraction with a wholesome spiritual basis.

  31. Rebecca Van Bibber

    As I have tried to practice the principles I learned in the Jackrabbit Factor, I came across real challenges and couldn’t seem to find the right thinking. Portal to Genius has given me the answers and reading it, I was able to nod in agreement as I shared the pain of struggle with the characters. I love these books.

  32. Kathy Turner

    This book is amazing, I am so thankful for you and the wealth of knowledge you are sharing. This is one book I am going to read over and over again, along with the Jackrabbit factor.

  33. Jacquelyn

    This book has completely shifted my entire mindset around abundance. I could feel new neural pathways being generated and the panic I’ve felt around money subside. I look forward to what may come as a result of my time reading this incredible book and the mindset shift that occurred! Thank you.

  34. Bash

    I’m in tears right now. This book is incredible! The explanation of the laws are so uniquely put together. The book itself is the genius. Great job Leslie

  35. Dawne L. Hole

    Really Amazing and mind and heart opening!
    Thank you!

  36. Judy Steadman

    Your soul can recognize truth when it is presented. The inner truth has been reinforced, and I am glad to see the wisdom, caution, and entreaty to trust yourself in wisdom and belief.

  37. Jon

    One of my favorite parts is the seven laws of thought. I have written them down with detail and will study them a little bit each day on a small notepad that I have at my desk As I have pondered the past week I have been able to remember very specific instances in my past where I have unknowingly followed these laws and the miraculous results that happened afterwards. I am excited to more purposefully pay attention to these laws and watch the wonderful things (some that have already started to come to pass) happen in my life.

    I also loved hearing the conclusion of the story that started in the jackrabbit factor. Thank you for the books, Leslie!!!!!

  38. Steve Allen

    The biggest problem I had in reading this is that I couldn’t stop until I was done. I recognized the various people when I looked in the mirror and across the dinner table. What an eye opener and what a gift of encouragement to change how I think. Thank you.

  39. Kassie

    This book is revolutionary! The stories are amazing and I feel that the principles taught are true and can change your life if you allow them. Thank you, Leslie for making your life’s work blessing others with the knowledge and tools they need to help them succeed in their own life. A must read!

  40. Rosa Long

    This book is an answer to my prayers that I have had for over 2 decades. I have read so many personal development books since first beginning my efforts of becoming an entrepreneur. I’ve learned and applied some of the principles, but the laws taught here had been completely out of my reach of understanding. I cannot thank Leslie Householder enough for struggling through her challenges until she finally understood the process and then taking it to the next level and putting it in this amazing book so that everyone can understand it. I cannot emphasize how important it is for everyone to read this book. It has already changed my life by changing my level of understanding and thinking. I can literally feel the “winds of change” coming my way.

  41. Maren MacMichael

    I love the principles that Leslie Householder teaches. Being in story form has made it accessible and interesting to my teenager. I appreciate that he can learn these principles now before he gets any older.

  42. Larry Saunders

    I really liked the way the Natural Laws of Prosperity were taught to the brother. That really summed up the focus elements of the Hidden Treasures book, though the Vacuum Law of Prosperity was left out. I enjoyed the story as the way of resenting the ideas.

  43. June

    I wish I would have read it sooner. I had heard about the book several years ago but never took the time to read it. After reading several other books on the subject I knew the principles but was still missing something to make it all really work. I found the missing link in this book.

    I can’t say thank you enough for this book!

  44. Crystal C.

    I wish I had heard about it sooner, although, timing is everything, so I believe right now in my life was the BEST time to read this companion to the Jackrabbit Factor. They both filled in the missing holes I’ve had with gaining the right mindset and moving forward. Brilliant read that I recommend over and over!

  45. ron harris

    This book points out the many things I have done wrong in MY life its time now to make some changes for the good

  46. Cinniman Schwartz

    The Jack Rabbit Factor, Portal to Genius and the Boot Camp are changing my and my boyfriends lives. We have started putting the laws into effect. We are still learning, but we are seeing changes that are so wonderful. Very Exciting!!!

  47. Nanette

    It was from reading the Portal to Genius I found my positive self again. I was floundering in money worries and not seeing a way out. I had read Jackrabbit Factor years before and sort of applied the principles temporarily. Portal to Genius has awakened a spark in me and a hope to see beyond my negative thoughts. Everything isn’t fixed but I am seeing progress as I apply the laws of the universe and every principle that Leslie shared freely in her books. I can’t tell enough people to read these books. There is something for everyone in her books.

  48. Lorraine Atterbury

    I was riveted to my PC (still old fashioned – no laptop) reading Portal to Genius. It transported me through the pages on a journey of possibilities and untold ideas. Sadly because of all the information overload in my e-mail the inspiration to find a goal in life and pursue it is like the ‘rabbit’ which got away and I’m just too tired to care ……. will have to read it again to get motivated.

  49. Charity Parkinson

    Wow. I loved this book. I’m still struggling through the process of it all, but I am starting to see it work in my life! Jackrabbit Factor is amazing as well. Such a great story. I’ve recommended it to many.

  50. Jan Russ

    Great book! Along with the The Jack Rabbit Factor, an operating

    system for humans. Really helpful to get clarity on how to

    live a truly inspired life.

  51. Shena

    I love this book. I have all three now and find them totally absorbing. The only way I can describe Leslie is that she is the Champion of the Underdog. She also underplays how really good she is. I started with the Jack Rabbit Factor and progressed. Where the JRF is the light at the end of the tunnel, this book is the destination. You feel like you have arrived. Excellent work by a wonderful compassionate and loving person who is also pretty humble as I have heard her talk and love the way she explains things in the simplest way. Bravo!

  52. Charlene Jenkins

    I loved the book! I was told to read The Jackrabbit Factor. But not which book. So when I ordered it on Amazon I just got the Portal to Genius. I could not put it down. I told ed some of the kids I teach about it. They like the image I described to them. I think my kids and husband need the books. Thank you for writing it!

  53. Richard O’Keef

    I loved it. I recommend it. The story has some interesting twists that I was not expecting. Is the message true? Can I attract success beginning with my thoughts? I’m inspired to give it a try.

  54. Paula Romrell

    My mind is trying to get around the Laws of the Universe taught in Portal to Genius. I’ve thought about it before, but this book made it real for me.

  55. Fred

    Another Excellent read by the Author that reinforces & expands the Principles from the Jack Rabbit Factor. A MUST read if you have read the Jack Rabbit Factor.

  56. Michelle

    I am in awe. These are things I believe, already, but have not encountered in such a perfectly packaged way. I chatted with friends at work they said they’d be willing to join me in a book club to discuss these principles. I am so excited and can’t wait to see how our lives will change! This is only the beginning.

  57. Stephanie Francom

    I am so grateful for the principles in The JackRabbit Factor and Portal to Genius! These books have set the foundation for my sincere understanding of the principles of prosperity. Leslie speaks my language, and I feel like I finally “get it.” We have been experimenting in our family, and we have already seen some miracles take place in our lives. Not only do you learn how to achieve those things that are most important to you, you get to live life on a daily basis with an attitude change! The positive feelings and gratitude have become all encompassing! Thank you Leslie for your vulnerability and teaching in such a clear manner!

  58. Dan D

    The principles and stories from this book are changing my life and my perspective faster than it feels like I have capacity to handle. I never would have thought that the things I have wanted the most could be mine in such a short time and with so little of a monetary investment. Leslie, thank you for taking the time to write this book and record the audiobook (which I have listened to twice).

    If you are considering purchasing this book, see my overview of its contents below:

    Using the same captivating story format as the Jackrabbit Factor, Portal to Genius clarifies and deepens your understanding of the principles taught within The Jackrabbit Factor. Portal to Genius increases your understanding of the life-changing knowledge taught in the Jackrabbit Factor and increases your faith and confidence to successfully act on that knowledge. Portal to Genius provides various real-life examples of the principles within the Jackrabbit Factor at work and shows us what others are thinking and feeling as they apply and receive the benefits from the Jackrabbit Factor mindset.

  59. Elaine

    I am so grateful for the principles I’v been learning through these books and the podcasts. It’s really changing our family and leading us in a much more positive direction with greater insights. I’m now sharing them with a group of women and any others I can.

    Thank you so much Leslie,

  60. Todd LeFort

    After reading Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can, I couldn’t wait to start reading Portal to Genius. I’m the guy, when watching a movie, tries to figure out all of the twists and serendipities of the movie before they happen. I have to say…this book was not so predictable. I liked that. I found myself not able to put this book down. I just had to go on to the next chapter, and the next. It was a 2 1/2 day read for me. Leslie has such a great way of writing. The extra detail that she puts into the book to cast the setting or give some extra insight into the character is superb. I liked the chapter where Richard explained the 7 Universal Laws to his older brother Victor at a very difficult time. The laws are practical and gave him hope. A very good read indeed. I would recommend this book to anyone.

  61. Lance Shipley

    I am so grateful to Leslie and Garrett for authoring this book. It is unlike other books I have read, in that it has made a fundamental change in the way I perceive the world as well as how I make decisions. It has taught me principles by which I live my life and now I see greater success. It does take some time and practice to really live these principles, but that’s part of the adventure. My life has truly taken steps forward because of this book; my hope and faith have increased. I highly recommend it to all my family and friends!

  62. Linda Weitz

    Great book – I identified with so many situations and can really see how I can implement these principles in my life! I also have to share an amazing “coincidence”… Friends of mine returned from Germany the day I finished the book. When I met them for dinner a couple days later, they presented me with a few fun souvenirs and goodies they picked up – in the goodie bag was a bag of German gummy candies in the shape of rabbits – hasen. That made me smile!

  63. Miki

    Portal to Genius has unleashed everything I have been searching for, seeking out, and pondering through. It’s as if I finally have a reason for every outcome and circumstance I have ever found myself in. I can’t say enough about how it has changed my perspective, especially of adversity. This vivid portrayal of an ordinary life embracing the extraordinary potential available to all has truly brought to life the natural laws that we are subject to, whether we are aware of them or not. Leslie Householder has creatively illustrated how they can play out if abided by and brought to fruition. What a wonderful way to capture the power of thought! Thank you for using your talents to give others the understanding of how to access and utilize the portal of genius! It gives credence knowing that this is in fact the culmination of your own journey through it.

  64. Megan Oliphant

    I loved how Portal to Genius allowed me to see more clearly the principles and laws of the universe in action, showing how to put them into practice, even to anticipate the normal “rhythm” and ups and downs of this path. Thanks so much!

  65. Mackenzie

    This book is life changing. If it isn’t, youre not taking it seriously enough. I am so grateful to God for stumbling (not randomly) upon these books Leslie has written and co-authored. Thank you, to Leslie and all those who share their experiences and hard times. It serves us in a great way; those who go through tough times presently. Thank you for your transparency and willingess to do what God has led you to do.

  66. Alison Campbell

    Nice sequel to the Jackrabbit Factor. It’s good to have another reminder of the laws. Thanks for help making things happen in my life.

  67. Shawn

    I’m amazed at the hope this book and the preceding, The Jackrabbit Factor have given my wife and I! Have you ever been pulled over and told the officer you didn’t know the speed limit in that area? Was your ignorance of the law an accepted excuse? It’s the same with the universal laws this book helps us understand. What was started in The Jackrabbit Factor is rounded out in this book. I can’t wait to finish the book that teaches in depth the lessons exposed in these two books. I am so blessed by what Leslie has shown us.

  68. Julie A

    This book came into my life at just the right time… Though I have been learning so much the past couple of years about different laws and principals to do with mindset, this book just resonated with me and helped me see so many things clearer and brought the excitement back of believing I can really be successful in accomplishing the goals I have. I felt I was reading parts of my own life and definitely felt the emotions to go along with it. Thanks for following the inspiration to write such great books.

  69. Sheila

    This book came to me exactly when I needed it. It answered ALL my questions & I’m going to read it again & again.
    It’s become my handbook, whenever I get discouraged or I’m at a tough stage in my life, I just read the book. It helps me to stay focused. Almost everything I read, I can truly relate to. I now look forward to my success. Thank you!

  70. Peggi Starkey

    I thought this book was ingenious! I loved the unique ways it demonstrated the Universal Laws into a story. Many times I had tears in my eyes with the miracles that they received.

  71. Thomas

    Excellent. Great follow-up to Jackrabbit Factor.

    Truthfully, I’d rather give more feedback in person. Sounds like a great “nachos at halftime” thing…

  72. David Stuart

    This book came along at the right time for me. I was very intrigued with the story and didn’t want to put the book down.

  73. Suzanne Lindsay

    Leslie Householder is an engaging author and motivating teacher on how to live life to its fullest. I loved this book and how all-encompassing it was in covering all of the many scenarios we find ourselves in in life. I could relate to this book in so many aspects. If you want to start creating your own life, the way YOU want it, then this is an inspirational must-read!

  74. Ginger Herbst

    I so enjoyed this book! I totally connected with Richard and Felicity and felt like I was reading excerpts out of my own life. The way it is written into a story form, unlike most self help/motivational books it makes it totally relatable! I have been using the principals taught in the book and have already seen a difference in my life. I also loved The Jackrabbit Factor and look forward to reading Leslie’s other books.

  75. Melanie Newman

    I absolutely loved this book! It has helped me gain greater understanding, clarity and faith! Thank you for sharing your hard won knowledge and insights! What a gift I have received! Melanie Newman

  76. Anonymous

    I love how this book illustrates the concepts in The Jackrabbit Factor, and gives several real-life scenarios. It’s so helpful to see clearly how it overlaps with the plot in the Jackrabbit Factor as well, making everything feel reachable. I walked away with the same feeling I had after I read The Jackrabbit Factor–that’s it’s okay to believe.

  77. Heidi

    “Inspired” is a great word to explain how I felt while reading and now feel after reading Portal to Genius. I loved Jackrabbit Factor too but this is my favorite. I can absolutely relate to Felicity being a mom looking to make a difference at home and otherwise. I am excited to share this book with my husband and older children. Thank you kindly!

  78. Brenda Lanigan

    I am about half way through Portal to Genius and I don’t want to put it down! There are so many insights I am receiving and ideas that I can immediately put into place in my own life. It is an amazing book! I have actually been receiving your emails for quite a few years and had previously downloaded the Jack Rabbit Factor and never got around to reading it. I can’t remember what email was sent of your explanation of the Stick Man Theory but I watched the whole video and then found the Jack Rabbit Factor and read it within a day or 2. I have seen changes each day in my life and I only read the book maybe a week ago! Thank you for your explanation and I’m thankful that I was ready to listen and receive it! What an amazing journey we are on and this just takes it to another level! I now have my daughter reading the books as well. Thank You!

  79. Anonymous

    This is a great book. Every page had a new truth that made me look at my life and my thoughts in a new and expanded way. It is a most interesting combination of very good information about improving your life while telling a most uplifting story. Thanks!

  80. Elyse Shaff

    I couldn’t put this book down, a fun, inspiring, heart opening, mind expanding read. I’m also reading Hidden Treasures so I’m soaking in the information. I resonated very much with the ideas of giving – being in service; keeping up the faith and knowing that the rabbits are out there and are mine for the taking (and yours). Thank you Leslie!

  81. Rebecca Pihlajisto

    Have had a hard copy of the Book for years. Love it. Some times forget the principles it teaches but just being reminded of the laws up lifts my life.

  82. Mike Peters

    What an inspiring and practical book! The circumstances each of the characters faced were so real and compelling that I had a hard time remembering that it was fiction. The principles were taught in such a down-to-earth way that I was able to begin practicing them immediately. Leslie Householder, you have truly found your Genius! Thank you so much for sharing it with the world.

  83. Nagarajan Chidambaram

    I was very impressed in the way we are given to understand, implement and be successful in achieving our goals. And, why we are not able to attract to ourselves which we desire most.

  84. DEB

    This is great information

  85. Lucetta

    I love the way the lessons are wrapped in stories that we can truly relate to and learn from. It is well written and pulls you into the story. Your heart is in the book, and you can feel what those that are in the story feel. Well written, and great lessons!! Thank you!

  86. Maggie

    I just love the way you use a story to show how to put things into our lives, not just steps, 1, 2, 3 etc ……i can ‘feel’ it so much stronger this way.

  87. Jackie Bracken

    This book was extremely motivating for me. Ever since I read the first book, The Jackrabbit Factor, and learning about the power of positive thoughts, I have become a more positive person. Portal to Genius has helped me apply these principles to my daily life. Definitely worth your time.

  88. Jessie

    This book came to me in a plea of help. I was not getting the results I wanted in life and I was struggling with my relationship with my husband. The story and development of Felicity and Richard was powerful for me and showed me that I could have hope in changing my circumstances that felt very similar to theirs. I am so motivated now, and know there are so many opportunities ahead of me if I just claim them to be mine. I loved the book so much that I decided to sign up for Leslie Householders Seminar “Genius Bootcamp”.

  89. Renee

    Just finished Portal to Genius: it reignited my faith and as others have said, the description of the Laws (chapter 30) and how they work are eye-openers. You provide such fab, down-to-earth descriptions! The story somehow reminds me of Yogi Berra’s famous quote, “It ain’t over ’til its over.”

    This is not a one-time read…there’s so much to learn, absorb…and live the fullest life we’re meant to live.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  90. Brooks Teeples

    Your books JackRabbit Factor – and Portal To Genius are both wonderful! We personally work with John and Barbara Sims in another business venture – and we appreciated how you edified him for the great businessman he is – and for his wisdom. We loved how you were able to create a story around the “jackrabbit” story – and put it in a way that resonates with so many. It helps you SEE what you may have been doing wrong in your own life to attract and create the life you were meant to live. Portal To Genius takes it another step forward by putting it in a “practical” form so that you can see how the principle can be applied in your own life situations. Well done! Appreciate what you are doing for so many!

  91. Cami Herd

    This book is incredible! Not only was the story entertaining and easy to follow the principles shared in this book are easy to understand! You can apply what’s taught right away and take your life to the next level! Leslie thank you for sharing your story and experience for us to learn from so we can improve our lives! This book is exceptionally done!

  92. amy

    I LOVED the book. I really related to the characters. It answered several questions that I have been struggling with and gave me techniques to try.

  93. Kim Waggoner

    I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I didn’t think it would be that good! It was a very pleasant surprise, and I recommend it to everyone. Very motivating!

  94. Angie S.

    I LOVED Portal to Genius! I wish I had known these things earlier. It’s mind blowing how well intertwined and put together each of the stories are. I needed that feeling of hope to boost my desire to work at changing my thinking. And I could relate to nearly every story in Portal to Genius. I was in tears half the time and trying to soak up every lesson being taught. Now, to keep working at changing my thinking. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  95. Missy W.

    No self help book has ever reached me as deep as this one. I can’t count how many times I got chills or even got emotional because of how the things I read were EXACTLY what I needed to hear. This book has launched me into the next chapter of my life of finding my purpose and shooting for the stars instead of the moon! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  96. Heidi Robinson


  97. Heather

    Portal To Genius is an excellent book! It takes these principles to a deeper level. I loved seeing how their ten year goals come about. It gives me hope to keep on holding on to those dreams. Thanks for a great book!

  98. Les Kiracofe

    I found a signed copy of The Jackrabbit Factor and Portal To Genius at a Restore store. I began reading The Jackrabbit Factor. In the introduction I read this sentence: ” If we want the same results as someone else we shouldn’t so much do what they did, but rather learn to think like they do.” I’ve read a lot of the self help book, have many motivational DVDs and gone to numerous motivational seminars but I never heard tell or read about learning to “think like successful people think.” This one sentence opened a whole new way of thinking for me about becoming successful. Both books were packed with great motivational wisdom, easy to read and both were a great read. I’ve enjoyed reading all the additional material I have received from you since signing up for your newsletter. Now, I have to apply this information now to create a better life for my wife and myself.

  99. Heidi

    Thank you! I am struggling, and I am grateful to see others who “press on” to show me that that is what I can do.

  100. Bob Hope

    Leslie –

    I really enjoyed the book, and especially how you displayed the emotions involving each character. After reading the booklet, I felt as though the story was about me, my insecurities, my lack of confidence in myself, my lack of faith to create my own realities, and my needless worries about money, the economy and relationships in general. By the time I finished reading the book, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and have started to appreciate what I presently have, rather than what I don’t have. A great story about taking personal responsibility and empowering others to do the same.

  101. Natallia

    I’m sorry not to have commented earlier – just didn’t read the book and didn’t want to just write something for the heck of it. finally, sat one evening just to “pop in for 10 min” and couldn’t stop till 4 in the morning. great book, thanks a lot

  102. Gael


    Thank you for the gift of “Portal to Genius”.

    I think it’s time for both your books to be made into movies for a wider audience to get the rabbit awakened within them. I love how you’ve successfully woven universal principle within your stories. It’s easy reading with a powerful message(s) and touched me personally.

    (FYI my motorola atrix 2 wouldn’t download the pdf but I did download on my laptop and read it that way.)

    Thank you again! Be Well and have a Safe and Fruitful New Year

  103. Janell Youngberg

    I loved the book and would definitely recommend it. There is so much valuable information in it that I plan to read it again. I have started to implement many of the concepts already!

  104. Troy

    Your books have been and are one of the greatest blessings in my life!I’m just starting this journey and applying these principles that you teach in my everyday life, and what is happening allready is simply AMAZING!I find myself looking forward to checking my email every nite to see what information you have for me to continue on this amazing journey I’m on. Thank you Leslie, and may our Heavenly Father continue to bless you and yours in this wonderfull world we live in. Thanx again

  105. Darkwa Isaac

    thanks for the materials you being given me. It has really help to shape my life and I’m very proud of you for all your endeavors.

  106. Ashli

    Thank you so much for sharing this gift with me! I truly believe the timing of this book was inspired in my life. I have already started to see opportunities and ideas find me for my passions in life. I feel I would have been completely blind to them if not for this book. Thank you again and God bless you all for sharing such wonderful knowledge with the world.

  107. Bryan

    When the student is ready, the (best) teacher will appear. That is the case here. While “Portal to Genius” has been in my library for a while now, and on my intentions list, I didn’t make the time to read it… until now. Yes, I started it a couple of times, but I allowed myself to get sidetracked.

    When I started it this time, the message was very compelling and exactly what I need. I couldn’t put it aside.

    As soon as I’m finished writing this, I’ll be reading the “PTG Principles Guide”, then “Portal to Genius” and “The Jackrabbit Factor” again – this time with my journal handy to take notes, remain open to the possibilities and incorporate the Seven Laws into my life!

    I can’t wait to see the results and share your timeless wisdom and insight with others. Leslie and Garrett, Thank You!


  108. Chrys Abraham

    Thank you for sharing the book with me. It was very good and I read it non=stop. I should say I did enjoy the first book better, but thanks for the second book. May you be blessed more and more.

    Light and Blessings


  109. jacqui

    Firstly, you write a good book so my comments are more of a critique in the light of you already being a great writer. I felt I would have liked to know more about the owner of the company and what happened to him after the employees offered up their pensions to finance the company vision as the book followed the chap who was originally in the Jack Rabbit Factor (it was nice to know how things panned out for him though). Well written, as always, and great title …. we’re all in need of a portal to genius.

  110. Keely Rogers


    I was told about your books from mine and your friend Denise Webster who has gone to your boot camp and talks so highly of you. I had no idea how much I would enjoy both the Jackrabbit Factor and the Portals to Genius. I couldn’t put either book down. You changed the way I look at my life and the way I think things through. So many people have talked to me about the law of attraction lately and after reading your books it has made things clearer and I am now trying to put your principles to work in my life and in the goals I want to achieve. I am now having my husband read them to help him in a new business adventure. I’m sure he will love them as much as I do. Thank you so much Leslie for free downloads πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to read more from you! You have a special gift, thanks for sharing!

  111. Douglas


    As always you are astounding with your writing and knowledge of the subject! Your writing style is impeccable and I seek to imitate such high quality! Thank you! As I already purchased the book, the MP3 was an extremely nice addition in this electronic age for easier reference when I am traveling! Thank you so much for the digital version, but even more so, thank you for the amazingly powerful and helpful information that has stretched my mind in such a way that it will never be the same again! That is impossible to put a price tag on and even more difficult to quantify other than to just say, THANK YOU!



  112. Hana

    My brother and I read the book together. We both found useful tools for improving our life.

    I wish you had elaborated more on what happened in the company so they were able to succeed on the pump.

  113. Rakesh

    Great Fable. Packed with instructions and guidance on ‘manifesting’ and ‘achieving’. A well crafted story that almost feels like it ‘walks the talk’. Very inspiring and very very practical.

    Thank You for writing this. It’s a Gem.

  114. Carly

    Portal to Genius was a perfect sequel to the Jackrabbit Factor. I couldn’t put it down! A lot of great principles that I think we all already know, but a great book to sum them up and how to apply them. This came at a time that I really needed it (doesn’t it always?). I’m looking forward to re-reading it again and taking some massive action in 2013. Thank you for the inspiration!

  115. Rick Boyle

    I remembered many things by reading your book, learned many things as well. I enjoyed it greatly, will re-read it soon. Things “sink-in” better for me this way. I do very much enjoy your writing style, thank you for sharing your gift with us all!

  116. Mel

    Thank you Leslie for the book. It was inspiring and engaging. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. It certainly increased my awareness of the possibilities.


    High Point, NC

  117. Elaine

    Thank you for this fabulous gift! Love the book – read it several years ago and excited to have it on my Nook so I can read it over and over. Funny how we need to do that!

  118. Tracy

    Thank you Leslie!!!! This is SUCH a great book… so grateful for it… what an amazing gift!! I really gained a lot from all the story contained, including that extra encouragement for the rough times when things don’t seem to be happening as expected. I look forward to participating in a bootcamp this year… hopefully in the Phoenix area…? πŸ™‚

  119. Phil Small

    I’ve just finished reading this book just before the 2013 arrives. The book has clarified so much of what I have personally experienced and it has given me a new way of thinking for the new year. Thank you for this inspiring work!

  120. Mark Kruse

    Dear Leslie

    Even though I’ve completely lost faith in life, and LOA, I am still struggling to comprehend it, and I deeply appreciate the book, and the guidance – even though it is an act of will power for me to get through it πŸ™‚ I loved JRF I simply adored it, that doesnt mean it changed anything in my life – unfortunately! Anyway! I am reading the PTG now and trying my best to keep an open mind πŸ˜‰ once again thank you so much!!!!

    Mark S. Kruse

  121. Paul

    As usual, you got my attention right away. I love the way you write. You give life to your characters and make them real.

    Over the years I have had some inspirational moments but never knew how to describe them. Portals to Genius sums it up.

    Jackrabbit Factor reawakened some lessons learned long ago. Portals to Genius brought back the seven steps (I have a real short memory span πŸ˜‰ ) It was what I needed, when I needed it.

    Thanx. And keep writing. You inspire us all.


  122. Ulrike

    Dear Leslie,

    I read the Genius Portal all day today and I intend to use it as my personal inspiration for 2013. When I read the Jack Rabbit Factor, I thought it brilliant. The Genius Portal beats it by miles. I feel that this book should be read by everybody and I am eternally grateful to your selfless act of distributing it freely. You put into words my theories of how life works but could never express as clearly and effortlessly as this Book. Thank you for the Genius Portal that is giving me a wonderful end to this year and a perfect start to the next.


    Ulrike Haupt

    a.k.a AdoraBella DragonDancer

    from Namibia – somewhere in Africa

  123. Sylvia

    This book was engaging from the beginning all the way through to the ending. It contains what could be considered real life scenarios which makes it easier to relate to on a personal, real world level.

    Step by step, it goes through a life changing process that you can implement into your own life in a seamless manner and the information given in this book is explained in a way that is user friendly!

    It helps you to create a conscious awareness that you carry with you in your day to day life so you recognize when you are chasing others dreams in life, instead of your own.

    The ending made me wish the book was longer and went into detail of Matt capturing his rabbits too. (Maybe a sequel!) It also reminded me of a quote by Paul Sweeny. ‘You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.”

    Make it a super day/night πŸ™‚


  124. Sue

    You sure can weave a story!!! The first few chapters are phenomenal – not only for the metaphysical aspects (and the truth about how we react to them), but for the story itself.

    Bravo! Kudos! WONDERFUL!

    Now, all I have to do is relax enough to get that “one idea” so I can buy the book, lol!


  125. Christine

    I loved Jack Rabbit Factor, and sent links to family and friends.

    It was written in such an understandable format – things we had heard for years suddenly made sense and explained the reasons for doing things such as writing down goals – so I am really looking forward to this book. I have read a couple of pieces from the new book and already there are truths that will make a difference. You have a wonderful gift. Thank you.

  126. Valerie

    I started reading the preview to “Portal to Genius” and it left me curious of how this series of events will change my perspective on life. I have not read chapter 2 yet, but the opening of the story leaves you wondering.

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