Mindset Mastery: Special Edition Hardcopy for your personal success library

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Special edition hard copy for Mindset Mastery course students past and present—finally available as a complete and permanent addition to your success library, hardbound in beautiful case-laminate! 554 pages includes all of the lesson material, assignments, workbook and journal pages. This rate is only for existing or previous Mindset Mastery students, and is currently on pre-order. OFFER EXTENDED until we receive our proof from the printer (Monday Oct 12) and place our first order (Tuesday Oct 13). Delivery is expected in early November.

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There is no folly nor fate, neither triumph nor victory without first a thought. Oh, that one could comprehend the gift that is the mind! Mankind suffers from its unintentional misuse, but when thinking aligns with the laws connected to the good that is sought, doors open, solutions are revealed, and one begins to experience the miracle of Rare Faith—the kind of faith that causes things to happen.

Where improper thought has caused pain and lack, one can find relief and abundance. Where there has been weakness, there can be strength. Where there has been despair, there is hope. Mindset Mastery demonstrates the process by which one can prepare for such miracles through the application of true principles and the laws by which all of God’s creation is governed.

Experience the training, exercises, and assignments powerfully delivered through the Mindset Mastery Course. It’s never too late to graduate! Learn more about your options and opportunities for enrollment at

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