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Have you ever thought about teaching what you’ve learned about Rare Faith? Let us help you make a difference sharing the Rare Faith principles with others. Develop a side-income doing something rewarding and fulfilling! This is a step in preparation for Facilitator certification for those who have been approved for the Facilitator Track (application required).

Registration includes enrollment in your first International You event (Oct 12-13, 2021 in Chandler, AZ) at no additional charge. Room and meals are covered.

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Mentor Training is for students on the Rare Faith Program Facilitator Track. Application required.

When you join Mentor Training, you are enrolling in one of two Facilitator Program Tracks:

Track 1 – February 1-June 7

Application due January 22, and if approved, Mentor Training registration due by January 23. Preparation Packet and Unit MT-01 in the online training due by February 1.

Track 2 – May 31-October 4

Application due May 21, and if approved, Mentor Training registration due by May 22. Preparation Packet and Unit MT-01 in the online training due by August 31.

Mentor Training is self-paced online training, which includes enrollment in the International You event October 12-13, 2021 in Chandler, Arizona at no additional charge.

Disclaimer: Due to the exclusive nature of this program, the personalized training it delivers, and because we can only work with a limited number of participants each year, once you have registered, there are no refunds. We cannot guarantee your success, because we cannot guarantee what you will do with the information we share with you. While Leslie and many others have used this information to make a six or seven-figure income, the work you do in this training will probably NOT produce those kinds of results. There is a gestation period connected to your success. Each trainee comes into the program with different levels of expertise and experience. This information is designed to help you save you time and money learning what Leslie spent more than $100,000 to learn and more than 5 years of work, but it does not replace the necessary work that you will need to do to implement the strategies and secrets we’ll share. 

*** This is not a facilitator membership program purchase, this is tuition for training. Completion of the Mentor Training and the Facilitator Track does not guarantee that you will be licensed as a Rare Faith Program Facilitator. Approval will be determined after you have met all of the training objectives and passed a final evaluation. ***

Writing Retreat Getaway

Add the optional Writing Retreat Getaway now and save an additional $45! This optional event is designed to help you meet the Track completion deadlines for your Mentor Training articles and assignments. Enjoy 3.5 days of supported, distraction-free writing, planning, working and relaxing at the beautiful Holmstead Ranch Resort near St. George, UT. February 24-27, 2021. All Retreat registrations will be for shared cabins.

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Track 1 – Jan-May, Track 2 – May-Sept

International You Occupancy

Double (shared room), Single (room to yourself)

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  1. Alyson Porter

    This was amazing! I have taken so many courses and trainings on leadership…but this one by far has been the best! It has helped me grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even physically. I have learned not only how to be a better leader, but how to be a better person, a better friend, a better listener. I have learned that being a leader is not about me, it’s about how I can help and serve and inspire others to progress and find their own gifts and their own power within them. It is my job to just help them discover their greatness! Leslie knows how to train and mentor you in a way that will not only help you to learn new skills, but she teaches you in a way that will CHANGE you. So that you can BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the world! You will be able to truly teach the principles of Rare Faith to bless so many people in the world! Thank you Leslie! I highly recommend Mentor Training!

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