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A message from Rare Faith Program Facilitator and the Live Life Lean course creator, Christy Lee:

What if I told you that changing your eating habits and starting an exercise program are NOT the best ways to lose weight long term?

Do you have evidence in your past of times that you have tried to change your eating and signed up for a gym or bought some new walking shoes with really great intentions to finally lose weight for good? What were your results after a week? How about a month?

I think we all have these stories. I have a lot of them. I used to think that I just wasn’t strong or disciplined enough. Now I realize that I just wasn’t looking at the whole picture. I didn’t understand back then, how intricately our minds work with our bodies.

The results that we have with our health and our weight are definitely effected by what we eat. It is also really important to move our bodies and utilize the fuel that we put in them.

But giving ourselves a long list of do’s and don’t s when it comes to eating and exercise only helps temporarily unless we can get to the root of the problem.

In order to make lasting changes of any kind in our life, we need to first understand where our actions are coming from.

In this class we will take a 6 month deep dive into the programs in the subconscious mind that are driving all of the actions that are producing the same results over and over in your life.

I will also teach you step by step how to pause these unwanted programs to make room for the intentional ones that will help you get the results that you would love with your health.

Before we do that, we will need to get really clear on what that looks like for you.

We all have our own vague definitions of what good health looks like. But until you can clearly determine what optimal health looks like for you, it will be difficult to recognize your next step in getting there.

The first 10 weeks of this class is a formula for how to get really clear about exactly what you are wanting to accomplish with your health, and how to recognize the next step as well as the unseen help that God is sending to help you accomplish your goals.

I do this by walking you step by step through Leslie’s Genius Bootcamp Immersion program.

You will watch her prerecorded modules on your own and we will meet together in class once a week to discuss these amazing tools and how they specifically apply to your weight loss goals.

The next 14 weeks I will show you how to tap into your own creative genius and inspiration, to create systems in your life that will help you continue to move forward and navigate each new step.

While we are doing this we will also be learning and implementing the laws taught in Leslie’s Guided Mindset Mastery Program. This will help you to start to become a watcher of your thoughts to decide which ones get to turn into the programs that will eventually produce the results that you want.

Each milestone will increase your confidence that you actually do have what it takes to not only create the health that you want, but to keep moving forward , adjusting and creating new systems with each new stage of your life.

You will also inspire others along the way as they see your example of creating the health that you’ve always dreamed of.

I love to watch the light come on in my clients eyes when they have the realization that:

  • “This IS really possible for me!”
  • “When I finally learned how my mind and body are connected, losing weight and reaching my goals got so much easier!” and my favorite one was….
  • “The best part of this program was learning how to enjoy the journey!”


Christy Lee is a certified Weight Loss Coach who is passionate about helping people find hope in their own personal weight loss journey and to rediscover who they are and the abundant health that they are capable of with God’s help.

When Christy was ready to take back her own health and discover the freedom to nourish her body in a way that felt right for her, the Lord sent all the right teachers and all the right tools one step at a time. He sent mentors to show her how to peacefully create the health that she desired instead of rushing and comparing herself to others. These mentors showed her how to get incrementally stronger by participating in activities that were enjoyable and sustainable..

Christy invites you to join her in this 6 month program where she shares the tools that made the biggest impact in her life. Let her show you how to discover what abundant health looks like for you and how to watch for and anticipate each new step of your own health journey with joy and excitement.


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Live Life Lean


Pay Plan Options:

One Pay | 3-Pay | 6-Pay

A 6 month program for those who want to use Rare Faith principles for losing weight!

– Discover how to pause unwanted programs and make room for better health.
– Explore what optimal health looks like for you.
– Discover how to recognize your right next step
– Enlist unseen help for accomplishing your health goals.
– Tap into your creative genius to create systems to help you navigate each step.
– Increase your confidence, create the health you want, and learn how to adjust with each new stage of your life.

This class meets Wednesdays for 24 weeks starting February 7th from 1:30-2:30 PT.

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