6 week coaching program, 90 minute weekly calls with your expert coach:

  • For Non-Fiction Writers: Stephanie Francom, Rare Faith Author Programs Director and the co-founder of Rooftop Publishing.
  • For Fiction Writers: Kim Clement, editor, writing coach, and author who works with best-selling, awarding-winning authors.
You love your message. You’ve got something to say, and you’re even ready to say it. But you aren’t … quite sure … how to start. KICK START is a six-week live online-coaching call, to propel your message toward being masterfully done. Let us help you frame all your clunky moving parts into a cohesive and straightforward structure.
  • Gain confidence, knowing your readers will grasp your intended meaning
  • Maximize your understanding by listening in, as your fellow authors are coached
  • Minimize editing time and cost by writing from a sound structure
  • Hit the ground running, knowing your manuscript is headed in the right direction
This is a small-group coaching program limited to three participants.
Designed for authors whose material does not contain graphic sex, violence, racism, or anti-religious rhetoric. Some exceptions may apply. Please contact us if you have questions.

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Fiction, Non-Fiction


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9 reviews for Kick Start your Writing NEW

  1. Christine Ward (verified owner)

    Stephanie has been a friend for about 15 years and I have always loved learning from her and with her, As I embarked on the new challenge of writing a book I was so nervous. Stephanie helped me break it down into bite-sized pieces so that I could move forward and enjoy it! She is great at asking the right questions to guide me along my path and helping me to discover myself. She is encouraging and cheerful as she guides you in your journey to becoming a little better each day and finding confidence to break out of your shell. You will walk away from a session with Stephanie feeling like you can do hard things – because she is a living example of that! – Christine Ward

  2. Katy Willis (verified owner)

    From the moment Stephanie Francom walked in the room, I was immediately drawn to her. She has such a light, and she truly cares about “the one.”
    I just finished my first round of her Kickstart writer’s coaching group. I’ll be starting another round next week.
    Stephanie asked all the right questions to help me realize I have three different writing projects—not one like I originally thought. In 5 short weeks of working with Stephanie, I went from idea to currently being edited on the first project.
    Although there are many reasons I would recommend Stephanie, my top two are:
    1. She is skilled at drawing the story out of you and making sense of it and organizing it so that you can successfully produce it.
    2. She has spent hours in prayer and pondering on my behalf. As a Christian writer, I believe I am literally on God’s errand in these writing projects. Having a writing coach who believes it as well and is also tapping into the inspiration available as these projects move towards completion is exactly what I need!

  3. Amayea Maat

    I am so very happy that my first experience working with a writer / publisher was with Stephanie Francom. She was loving, gentle, firm, and encouraging as I worked through how to tell my story and all the things one would never know unless they took on writing a self help memoir. I cannot recommend her enough. Working with her cut out so much frustration and double work and I can see myself as a WRITER. If you are thinking about writing a book and are not sure where to start or even how to start, work with Stephanie. You will never regret it!!

  4. Jelene kirkland (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved working with Stephanie in our kickstart group. She had wonderful eye opening ideas on how to make my book fun filled and exciting to read… thanks Stephanie … you are so awesome!!!!

  5. Colleen Corbett (verified owner)

    Twenty years ago I had a strong desire to write a book. It was an overwhelming endeavor and I eventually gave up on the idea and it faded away. A few months ago I came across some of my work buried in a closet. I started dreaming about my book again. When Stephanie opened up another Kickstart program I knew it was what I needed and signed up. Stephanie’s coaching has been invaluable. She is enthusiastic, encouraging and candid. She wants my book to materialize as much as I do. Her experience and knowledge have guided me through a process I could not navigate on my own and she has made what could have been drudgery feel light and fun. Her ability to help me see what I am creating is priceless. Thank you Stephanie for holding my hand just enough to keep me moving forward and enjoying the process at the same time.

  6. Suzy Rosenow

    I have had the privilege of working with Stephanie on a Kickstart program she does to help get your book moving. She helped me decide what form to write my book in then helped get my outline done. It’s now easy to jump in and start writing with confidence that I’m on the right track. She had great ideas and was a tremendous help. It was a joy and pleasure to work with her!

  7. Kathy Booth

    What an incredible opportunity it was to participate in the 6-week online coaching sessions program, KICK START, led by Rare Faith Author Programs Director, Stephanie Francom.

    Many people dream of one day diving into the deep recesses of their hearts to breathe life into their book they have always desired to write. I was no different. The challenges appear insurmountable as one attempts to bring their book into fruition. If you find yourself in this precise situation, then the KICK START program is the answer to your prayers.

    Stephanie Francom is far more than an exceptional writing coach who is highly qualified and brings to the table years of writing, coaching, and directing experiences. She is a gift for those who are filled with trepidation as they begin their book writing journey. She has the unique ability to blend the beauty of who she is personally with who she is professionally. Her kindness, compassion, and genuine desire to help anyone succeed is clearly evident as she shares her depth of knowledge and experience with all who have the privilege of working with her. I highly recommend doing yourself a great service by joining seats at any table to be instructed and led by Stephanie Francom.

  8. Diane Passey

    I have been working with Stephanie for nearly two months now. She has helped me take my book from an idea in my head to a concrete outline and the beginnings of the actual pages. Her ability to combine Rare Faith principles and the teachings of the Savior, and her extensive experience as a writer, speaker, editor, and coach, creates a powerful and immersive experience that has given me the confidence I need. I have no doubt that God has placed her in my path to help me in my journey of becoming a writer. I will continue to work with her as I push forward through this new adventure. I know she will be able to guide me along this path. I am so grateful for what she has done for me!

  9. Bethany Theulen

    I first connected with Stephanie a couple of months ago, and knew immediately that she was the perfect place for me to step into my book-writing journey! In trying to make a decision about which step to take, Stephanie offered loving kindness and genuine understanding, which ultimately led to me feeling more belief in myself than I had previously. Stephanie has given me direction and understanding in where to take my writing, which had been a mess inside my brain for almost 2 years. What before had just been a jumble of ideas is now a clear understanding and plan for moving forward. Considering the tremendous amount of personal challenges that showed up in my world just after starting to work with her, which could have led to major setbacks for me, I feel so grateful for her loving support and continued belief in me. Without that, giving up or putting off what I am feeling called to write would have been so easy. I highly recommend Stephanie for not only the skills and knowledge she has to offer, but also for her compassion, mentoring, coaching, and gentle guidance she provides. She has brought out the best in me in not only my writing, but also my thoughts!

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Kick Start your Writing NEW

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This is a 6 week coaching program for authors, consisting of 90-minute weekly calls with your expert coach.

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