* Discover how to profit from your losses
* Enjoy peace of mind (no matter how bad things are now)
* Experience a profound shift in perspective today

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23 reviews for The Jackrabbit Factor

  1. carol

    This book is truly inspirational. Can’t wait to try out the concepts.

  2. Angie

    I love the tools and principles taught in this book! Thank you for your wisdom told through story.

  3. Kim

    This book is thought provoking and an easy read. I thought it was so creative! I enjoyed reading it as part of the mindset mastery program. I am going to purchase it and refer to it often. There are so many profound quotes I want to remember.

  4. Bart Hansen

    Excellent and easy read. This book has helped me see everything in life through a different lens.

  5. Christy Lee

    I love this book so much!! I tell everyone I know to read it!! It explains how to develop an abundance mindset in a way that I could finally understand and begin to apply in my life. This book was so easy to understand the first time I read it but the more I read it the more I get out of it. Thank you Leslie for sharing this amazing tool to help all who will use it to unlock abundance in their life❤️

  6. Lorna Moon

    Fantastic book. So simple but so profound!!! I know this will make a huge difference in my life! thank you!

  7. Heidi McCorkle

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Jackrabbit Factor. The changes to my mindset are simply mind-blowing to me. I can not wait to dive into Portal to Genius. If it’s anything like JRF, then I know I won’t be able to put it down. Leslie, you are an incredible author. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom.

  8. Sarah Townley

    Such an inspiring and uplifting book, with a radical and different approach to creating with your mind. As a life coach that helps people reverse their diabetes, I know and teach that your solutions are in your mind, but this method teaches faith. Because of these teachings, I was able to organize in my own mind how to apply FAITH to growing myself and my business. I had disconnected from my greater vision because I felt it was a fantasy, and I was in so much disappointment in what I had created up to that point. Now I see that living in the belief of HAVING it already is what creates it in the physical form, and it is honestly so edifying to spend time in that space. Thank you for giving me the permission to go there frequently in my mind and just choosing to believe in it when I have no evidence yet.

  9. Denise H. Calton

    I absolutely love this book – so well written – very engaging! I came away feeling hopeful that I can change and realize the desires of my heart. I greatly appreciated the unique way gospel truths were taught in this amazing story! Thank you.

  10. Annie

    I’ve so enjoyed The Jackrabbit Factor and am starting to see my life shift as I apply the concepts. Wow. Thanks so much for making this content available to all who want it.

  11. Valerie Ackley

    This book will give you hope!! Leslie has the ability to write in a way that inspires and motivates you to reach your potential.

    I first read her books years ago and her message changed my life. I found solutions I didn’t know existed. She helped break me out of my rut and create something that continues to bring me joy.

  12. Carol

    A unique perspective of the whys of success, this book is one of a trilogy, but they are stand alone books:
    Jackrabbit Factor
    Hidden Treasures
    Portal to Genius
    “I think, therefore I am….read these books and then think about it!

  13. Robert

    The privileged, the beautiful, the wealthy, the healthy, the wise, the talented, the popular, the maligned, the bullied, at some point we have all felt hope fail us. This little book is considered a classic and is so easy to read but compelling, you will finish it in one sitting! How delightful as it guides you thru a field of rabbits and a solution to chagrin regardless of what is causing it in your life. I read it looking for a solution to economic stress, but soon could see metaphors for other aspects of life. I love rabbits! I love this book!

  14. Marcie

    This has been a game changing book for me. It’s so amazing to realize how much power your thoughts really have on your life. Thanks Leslie!

  15. Randy Soderquist

    It is Thanksgiving Day and I am at our therapeutic boarding school for teenage girls located in Fredonia, Arizona. We opened our school in April of 2008, just as the economy was beginning to take a nose dive. The past five years have been amazing, we have been tremendously blessed and I have had the opportunity learn, live and teach principles that have benefited my life and will benefit the lives of others. Our school is based on learning and living principles. (Pardon the excuse, but I am kind of ashamed of our website right now because it is deficit/negative based which is not my belief or approach. We have hired a new group to do our website and so it is a work in progress)
    Anyway, the reason I am writing to you is to thank you for The Jackrabbit Factor, the sequel Portal to Genius (amazing) and your ezines. During some of the scariest and what appeared to be darkest times over the past five years, your insight and words of wisdom have helped me to see things with a more abundant perspective, to change how I feel in the moment and to continue moving forward.
    Thank you again!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    I look forward to meeting you in person

  16. Kathy

    Having read The Jackrabbit Factor… I have come to the conclusion that thinking right is really how we exercise faith. I work with hundreds of people every year and everyone has periods of 2 to 5 years where things seem to fall apart. Some people have it once in their lives and others several times. But in my own life those trial times are the times I have learned the most and have gained the most compassion for others. Somehow it always turns out ok in the end. Thank you for being “real”. It is much easier to follow someone’s insights and inspiration when you know they are real like the rest of us.

  17. Liz

    I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much for all you’ve given me. Reading the JackRabbit Factor was like taking off some very dark sunglasses and realizing that there wasn’t really a dark sky with a storm on the horizon, but a bright sky with light fluffy clouds for a little relief from the heat on the horizon. Thank you so much for teaching me that it was good and ok to hope for “impossible” things. I now feel and believe that NOTHING is impossible, that the universe is on my side, waiting to place before me all that I need or want as long as I walk the path. When things look bleak, I feel and hear a voice in my head and heart that says, “I already have this covered, just keep walking the path.” Thank you so much for adding strength and credibility to that voice. You have changed my life and the life of my family.

    P.S. I’m still working on the concept of receiving, and don’t feel qualified to comment on it yet… although I do think that believing that good things are coming has A LOT to do with it. Thanks so much.

  18. Sherrie

    …The Jackrabbit Factor has been the best material I have ever read in personal development. That’s in also considering the paid material I have purchased. God is speaking and teaching me along the way. Thank so much for entering my life. I have a true passion for teaching abundance and living the real life. I think it is getting closer and closer to me. I desire for every life to be filled with abundance, and recreating our country in this better way of living.

    Thanks so much, Sherrie Goulet

  19. Fred

    Love the Jackrabbit Factor — one of the best accumulations of SOGR and simplified so dense people like myself could understand it. Remember receiving this book from the author when my wife and I had serious problems in every area of out life and it pulled everything together… I am Happy. Took a long time to realize that the “Dog=Old Dog” could just sit there and have the Rabbits come to him or her as was presented in the Jackrabbit Factor. Continued Success.

  20. mike

    You know, the Jackrabbit Factor is starting to make such an amazing difference in our lives that we cannot wait until the sequel comes out. Please keep us advised. Mike and Donette

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The Jackrabbit Factor

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The award-winning international best seller. Can a simple story really change everything? Find out for yourself.

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