* Discover how to profit from your losses
* Enjoy peace of mind (no matter how bad things are now)
* Experience a profound shift in perspective today

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23 reviews for The Jackrabbit Factor

  1. Mindy Lister

    This is so good and reminded me that it doesn’t hurt to feel and think about the things I want. I love the positive reminders especially for times of doubt. Very powerful tools that require few resources to implement immediately.

  2. Becky

    I loved the book! Gave me lots to think about.

  3. chanelle

    Great book that really made me think. I love the concepts and the easy to read format.

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The Jackrabbit Factor

(23 customer reviews)


The award-winning international best seller. Can a simple story really change everything? Find out for yourself.

Also available as a free download at or you may listen on Audible or YouTube.

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