Igniting Your Belief


Now that you know there are laws and you understand them, do you believe they will work for YOU?

If you see others using and benefitting from the laws of thought but you can’t seem to muster the belief, this 6-month training with Ann Ferguson is what you need.

In this training you will connect to: belief in yourself to hear the next right step, belief that unseen help is acting in your behalf, and belief that you are in co-creation with a God who is excited to create with you.

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When you’ve studied all the principles and struggle to believe they will work for you, it’s time to let us help you Ignite Your Belief. This program gets to the heart of the matter, helping you address and rise above the fear or disappointments that can get in the way of your ability to receive. *


6 months of Gentle Mentoring with Ann Ferguson plus: 

  • Live mentoring 2x/wk
    • Once/week small group (IYB, 90 minutes)
    • Once/week larger group (Weekly Forum, 60 minutes)
  • 24/7 community support in our private facebook group
  • Some coursework available immediately
  • Minimum 4 enrollments (refunds will be issued if class is canceled)
  • Capped at 12



  • MQ Full Analyses every 2 months ($291 value)
  • Genius Bootcamp Immersion self-paced program access ($497 value)


“[I] learned so many helpful tips and techniques that I’m applying in my business and personal roles to help with creation process.” – Jennifer Anderson

“[This] class for me was life changing.  It ended up being exactly what I needed and at the right time.  Before the class I had been thinking that I needed to be closer to God everyday and how can I do that.  I was letting time slip by and had so many excuses.  I loved how MMS first worked emotions and belief patterns.  Joy Power is instrumental in reminding me to stop and connect.  I have a dialogue with God every moment of my being now.  Now I know to seek Him in ALL things and I love how we talk.

“I use the tools all the time.  My favorites are Create Pattern, and the Enemy’s Lies – Truth vs Lies, was a game changer for me.  My confidence level has improved and the way I see the world has changed – because of this class.  Ann is amazing and was able to meet everyone on their level and made me feel a part of the class.  When great things happen, great lies come.  Many times I thought to quit, and I used the tools to get me through.  Their were amazing friends that I met in the class and their stories will forever help me with my journey… Thank you Leslie and thank you to Ann for knowing how powerful the work you are doing and it is having an amazing ripple effect.” – Christina Johnson

“I grew up in a home where expressing emotions was absolutely not okay. I thought that I had done a pretty good job of overcoming that as an adult. Taking this class has not only shown me how far away I was from that, it gave me tools to allow my emotions expression and to constructively deal with them. I had taken Guided Mindset Mastery and Genius Bootcamp before I took this class and they were amazing. However. this class has elevated my ability to use the principles to a much higher level. I am so much more calm in the face of adversity. I can keep things in perspective and think clearly. I’m no longer sabotaging myself. If I start to panic or become discouraged, I know what to do to pull myself out of it. I also have a concrete formula that allows me to co-create with God the life that He and I desire for me. No more wondering what I do next. It lets me take all the wonderful things I learned from Leslie and put them into action. Ann is a master teacher and mentor. Over the six months we spent together, she has also become a friend. Best of all, I now have a whole team of like-minded friends who encourage me and cheer me on. We’ve been through a lot as we’ve moved through this journey. We are still there for each other. We’ve laughed and cried, wallowed and rejoiced. We love each other. My life will never be the same.” – Tena Allen


Name Change

This program was previously called “Miracles Made Simple”. However, in 2022, Leslie began creating a new program more focused on the anatomy of a miracle to help students live into, and recognize more miracles in their lives. That’s when Ann’s program took on the more fitting title: “Igniting Your Belief”, and Leslie’s new program adopted the “Miracles Made Simple” name.

* Your class instructor is a Master Mentor and Mindset Specialist, not a clinical therapist. This program is not designed for, nor intended to resolve, issues that should be handled by mental health professionals or clinicians.  


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