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Self-Paced Online: Choose either One pay for 6 Month Access (renewable, but not automatic), or Ongoing Monthly for continued access until you cancel – a link to cancel will be provided in your welcome email. This option does not count toward the pre-requisite for Facilitator Training.

Extend Your Access: If you already purchased the Guided or Self-Paced program and need more time in the coursework, extend with another 6 Month Access (renewable, but not automatic), or Ongoing Monthly for continued access until you cancel – a link to cancel will be provided in your confirmation email.

Self-Paced Hardcopy: Special Edition—a complete, permanent addition to your success library, hardbound in beautiful case-laminate. 554 pages includes all of the lesson material, assignments, workbook and journal pages. One enrollment per order and one graduation opportunity per purchase. Click here. This option does not count toward the pre-requisite for Facilitator Training.

Guided or Guided PLUS: both Guided formats register you for one Session of Guided Mindset Mastery. Guided PLUS students receive additional support for a total of 1 year. These are the only two options that count toward the pre-requisite for Facilitator Training.

NEW: &Meditations: This is a special session of Guided Mindset Mastery with Dawn Norton (Clinical EFT Practitioner, Mind/Body O2 Clinic Owner, Rare Faith Facilitator, Investor, and Disciple) using additional strategies and special technology/hardware to help you rewrite the subconscious programs that have been keeping you stuck. A great option for first-timers, or those who are ready to repeat the Guided Mindset Mastery experience for next-level goals and deeper, more permanent transformations.

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Dec 5 @6pm PT Lena Mattice, Jan 8 @11:30am PT Bethany Harger (Theulen), Jan 9 @6:30pm PT Laura Curtis, Jan 15 @10am PT Kathleen Taylor, Jan 16 @4:30pm PT Christy Lee, Jan 25 @2pm PT &Meditations Dawn Norton, Feb 5 @9am PT Christy Lee, Feb 6 @9am PT Tamara Shimmin, Any Time


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56 reviews for Mindset Mastery (Self-Paced or Guided)

  1. Isaac Maxfield

    I truly loved this program. I just completed the Guided Mindset Mastery course and although I haven’t achieved my goal yet I feel so much more empowered and I have so much more hope in my life. Thinking right can be hard. At least now I have tools to help me do it and a greater belief that things really will work out.

  2. Lori

    I LOVED this class. Thank you!

  3. Janet Seto (verified owner)

    This was a life altering course! I loved focusing on my end of life goal. It has helped me align all of my goals toward that main goal. It has given my life more clarity and purpose. I have a life map now. I know what goals I need to fulfill to reach my end of life goal. I also really enjoyed the pleasure of setting inconsequential goals and the excitement that followed when they were realized. I enjoyed the people in my class, getting to know them better and learning from their experiences. Christy was an amazing facilitator. She is a skilled mentor, facilitator and coach. So grateful for this course and the growth that came with it.

  4. Julie Brown

    Oh my goodness ~ I cannot express strongly enough my gratitude for being able to take this course. I love the wisdom and insight brought not only from our instructor Christy Lee, but the other women in our group. Such a bond was created learning from and sharing our thoughts and experiences with others. These principles are true and will continue to guide my life. Anyone who takes this course and applies what they learn will be forever blessed.

  5. Wendi

    I was in need of a new look on life. I felt stuck in my life. All of the goals I had set were complete and I didn’t know where to go. This Guided Mindset Mastery class was so helpful to get my mind thinking again about possibilities. I have had so many miracle happen, while taking this course, that have opened my mind to a great possibilities. This course has helped all my relationships but more importantly my relationship with my Heavenly Father. I am grateful for the opportunity to have had my mind awaken to new and better life.

  6. Brenda (verified owner)

    This class came my way when I needed it the most. Christy was just an amazing facilitator! I gained so much knowledge and could not wait to purchase the book so I could go back and spend more time absorbing the material. I feel better equipped to move forward in life with not only greater knowledge, but more faith; feeling educated on how to handle life’s curves and both the ups and downs. The ladies taking the course with me were so great to share their life experiences as well and I gained so much inspiration from them. I will forever be grateful for this class!

  7. Roseanne Dawes

    What a life-changing course! There is an easier way to build a business or even just do life in general!! These principles and fundamentals taught in the Guided Mindset Mastery course teaches you, step-by-step, how to live life easier. No more hustle for me! I want to always work “in rest” and know that everything I want wants me and is coming toward me as long as I do my best at staying in alignment with what is taught in this course!!

  8. Heidi Dahlke (verified owner)

    I was ready when I received a call about the Mindset Mastery Class. I had been taking steps to improve my life & health. Guided Mindset Mastery was so much more than I even hoped for. I gained so much from each of the people in my class. Christy led the class with a steady, loving heart.
    I have read Leslie’s books a few times over the last 10 years. Ultimately taking the Mindset Mastery class has finally put me in a place that has launched me forward, showing me how to implement all the principles I had read about. I am so excited for a pathway forward to my goals and dreams.

  9. leslie (verified owner)

    I loved this course and am coming out of it with so much confidence in my self and my decisions! I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling to know what to do next and how to do it once you figure out what you want!! Life changing that is for sure!

  10. Laura (verified owner)

    I am so grateful for this course, my facilitator, and the group I had the privilege to meet with each week. There is such a natural, beautiful flow to this material that resonated with me and the truthfulness of it all. I have been stuck for some time wondering what the next step for me personally was. This course has helped reiterate that I am in control of my thoughts and therefore my results that I am getting in my life. If I do not like the results I am getting in my life, I now have the tools to change that. This has been such powerful knowledge for me. With God and these tools I will continue to become the woman I want to become. Thank you for creating the inspired Mindset Matery Course.

  11. Tyrie (verified owner)

    I loved the way this brought everything I have been learning for years all together! It was so much easier for me to apply and understand as taught and presented in this class. I feel like there is hope. It bridged the gap between success and God and showed me more clearly to how to have success with God.

  12. Gail Curtis (verified owner)

    This course has helped me tremendously. I am more grateful, confident and ready to attract abundance. I appreciated learning about the laws and how to apply them. I am very thankful for this course and the facilitator!

  13. Monique Hess

    The Mindset Mastery course came at just the right time for me. It is helping me to keep the right perspective, focus on where I want to go and staying in a grateful, faith-filled and hopeful place. I am so glad I signed up, it has been an awesome experience so far!

  14. John

    The experience of this course was a wonder and delight! My wonder that this is all-natural to us; my delight that even when I think that “I can’t do this,” it still turns out. I find myself frequently going back to the notes I took when I went through the program – my own form of a refresher! This is an approach to goal achievement that is true and dependable.

  15. Jenny Patrick (verified owner)

    Mindset Mastery changed my life! I felt stuck and sad having so many dreams, ideas, and hopes that I believed were impossible. I needed something to shift, and boy did I ever get what I asked for!!! Watch out! This works!!!! It is so beautiful and so simple! It was essential for me to do the guided version of this course. Not only do you get an experienced thinker to guide you, you also get a group of new friends who are learning and growing with you! I learned so much from listening to what my group members were experiencing and finding! As a group we encouraged each other, supported each other, and celebrated our wins together! I am forever grateful for my new friends and the new ‘language’ we’ve learned to speak! Now I am practicing thinking truth in spite of appearances and having so much more fun letting the Universe bring me my dreams as I take my small faith-filled steps towards them. Life really is a magical adventure!!!

  16. Katelyn (verified owner)

    The information shared and applied from this course is changing everything about my life, from my relationship to God, my ability to prosper and upgrade my physical and financial circumstances, my parenting and relationships, my personal confidence, and more. As someone who worked on the self-paced course and loved it, but needed more accountability, the guided course has been incredible! Our weekly discussions have brought incredible insights and are so so so worth the effort. I love the changes I am seeing in myself and I know that God is so happy with my progress, too. This course is just a catalyst towards greatness and fulfilling your life’s purpose.

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Mindset Mastery (Self-Paced or Guided)

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Overview: Based on the principles contained in The Jackrabbit Factor and Hidden Treasures, this program provides the training, environment, enlightenment and support for gaining practice and confidence in achieving goals using Rare Faith. One registration per checkout, please. See more details under DESCRIPTION below.

This class runs weekly for 14 weeks.

Guided PLUS also runs weekly for 14 weeks and provides additional material, training, and support for a total of 1 year. Learn more about Guided PLUS

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