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A life-transforming workshop based on the book, Portal to Genius.

Please read the additional details and cancellation policy below before you purchase. Because each segment builds on the previous, do not register if you cannot attend all segments in full.

These are 3-day Facilitated Zoom events. We also have a LIVE 3-day Workshop Option, an Independent Study self-paced Option, and a Guided 8-week group-study Option.

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Genius Bootcamp Immersion is a Self-Paced deep dive Genius Bootcamp experience online with founder, Leslie Householder. Instead of an intense 3-day workshop, you can go through the Genius Bootcamp experience at your own pace. We also have a Guided version that runs for 8 weeks. Click here to learn more.


Because each segment builds on the previous, do not register for a 3-day option if you cannot attend all segments in full.

Victory is won in those single, shining moments when you make a quality decision.  This 3-day event will give you the environment, the information, the exercises, strategies, battle plans, and support to claim your victory NOW and return with extraordinary confidence to the battle field of Life where your decided win can play out.

Based on the premise that the solution to every problem is only an idea away, Genius Bootcamp will help you tap into those sparks of ideas that have the power to transform your life forever.

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Preparation: Attendees of the Virtual format will experience all the same content and activities (or modified versions) as our regular live Genius Bootcamp events. Therefore, you will need to create a space in your home where you can participate without distractions, as if you were with us at a regular venue. If you cannot fully attend all segments without distractions, please attend a Live version or wait to register for another session when you can. 

System Requirements for Virtual Events: Zoom video conference with a regular computer or laptop using a strong internet connection. Participation by phone or iPad is not permitted. 

Cancellation Policy: Because seating is limited, it is important to understand our policy before proceeding: Click here to read the Cancellation Policy (opens in a new window). By purchasing this product, you indicate that you understand and agree to this policy.


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Jan 12-14 Bethany Theulen, Jan 19-21 Leslie Williams & Helen Huntsman, Any Time

140 reviews for Genius Bootcamp® via Zoom

  1. Robyn

    I have participated in several Genius Bootcamps, and I still learn something new every time! The virtual format I attended was very well-presented, and the entire experience was so worth while. I have been learning from Leslie for many years, and appreciate her very grounded approach to the principles she teaches. Fantastic!

  2. Andrea Shelton

    Genius Bootcamp was fabulous! I’m so thankful that I got to participate and associate with growth-minded people and teachers. I learned some very important things that will propel me forward and help me reach my goals! I appreciated reviewing the principles taught in Mindset Mastery from a different angle and with more immediate application, as well as the unique lessons taught in GBC. I express a sincere appreciation to all who made it happen!

  3. Rebecca

    All though I have listened to Leslie for many years. Going to Boot Camp was a good experience. Putting things in to action in a controlled setting with others help to get things even more clear. It was also another reminder of were our mind is support be. It was just waht I need in my life right now.

  4. Matthew Pilling

    Genius Boot Camp was absolutely genius! And, not a single push up (even though I was out of line a time or two!).

    Already being involved in Mindset Mastery, I was somewhat hesitant to take another course at the same time. And, because I felt like I had already gotten some strong answers to important questions in MM, I wasn’t sure GBC was needed currently.

    But, this course could not have been more timely for me. Specifically, it did 3 things for me: 1) It confirmed very clearly the answers I had already received. This moved me from being excited and hopeful that my plans would probably work to being absolutely certain that they will. 2) It gave me a better sense of my next steps and helped me refine the current steps I am working on. 3) It gave me an unexpected connection who needs exactly what I am building right now. And that connection is a person I have known for awhile who I never would have thought of approaching about my business.
    I share number 3 somewhat cautiously because GBC is not a networking event and I don’t want others signing up hoping for that specific result. But, I feel the need to share it because of how it came about. As a virtual event, most of the time was spent in a large group online setting. We were also often divided into smaller groups to discuss certain topics. I had shared a fair amount in both the larger and smaller groups. After awhile, I started to hear that little nagging voice in the back of my head that said to back off and let others have a turn. So, I determined that I would do just that. But, the very next time Leslie asked for people to share, a different, very pointed voice said that if I would share what I was thinking in that moment, something positive would immediately happen. I shared, and sharing included mentioning the business I’ve been building (not for business purposes, just to add context to my response).

    Moments later, someone private messaged me stating that one of their side business ventures could use the very thing that I am developing and we are now discussing how to move forward. Their business will get the help that it needs and mine will get a safe place to test drive a few things and get incredibly valuable feedback. I AM SO STOKED!!!

    I said that I’ve gotten 3 things from GBC. I probably need to add a fourth, which is really a summation of the other 3–I’ve learned to trust the voice when it comes. I’ve learned to chase my rabbit without worrying what others are doing or what they might think. When inspiration flows, I can more clearly recognize it for what it is and take action before the rabbit moves.
    If you’re on the fence about GBC, tell me and I’ll come push you off the fence. The online format makes it so easy (no travel), and the content makes it so worth it.

    Thank you Leslie and team for all that you put into creating a phenomenal event!

  5. Judy Young

    If I could do it all over again right NOW I would be on it! (And I just completed the course two days ago!)

    I fully and completely believe this one experience will forever change my life – for the positive! Leslie helped to put some information that I have heard for years but never really “got”, into terms that made sense to me, finally!

    I am so grateful for Genius Bootcamp! Thank you!

  6. Shelly Jo Wahlstrom

    What an incredible experience. I had heard of Leslie’s Genius Bootcamp from a friend of mine who is a facilitator. The timing was never right. I attended her first virtual Bootcamp. I wasn’t sure I was up to taking a virtual class that lasted 20 hours. I was pleasantly surprised what great information that was given and how the time flew so fast. Each idea built on the other and it gave me clarification on what my next steps are for my business. I learned so much about myself and what things are holding me back from taking the next step. Thank you so much Leslie for this wonderful information which was powerful, spirit and faith driven. I enjoyed it and I highly recommend it.

  7. Steve Allen

    It was a blessing to be able to attend the virtual boot camp this past weekend (Thurs 5/28-Sat 5/30). Even though I have been going through the eFundamental course and revisiting Mindset Mastery plus the three main books, the more focused view and effort made a great difference in my understanding. It was great to sense the spirit from each of the participants (staff and guest), the time I most cherish was the one hour after event time that we had to understand/feel the passion and sense of calling that Leslie and Cari have. I look forward to additional opportunities in the future. BTW, I started to implement the things I learned this past weekend as I move forward toward my goal of sharing my 56 years of knowledge in my industry with others through consulting (as directed by the spirit). Thanks again to all of the Mindset Mastery family.

  8. Beckie Dragon

    I just completed the first online Genius Bootcamp and I really appreciated being able to be in my own space and feel like I had Leslie 1 on 1. I really enjoyed going through the exercises the first two days that brought more clarity to face my goals and dreams. The 3rd day was taxing for me and pushed my buttons! Haha! Which was good because it caused me to apply the very tools Leslie teaches. If you are considering it. Just do it!

  9. Steve Dragon

    I attended Leslie’s first online Genius Bootcamp this past weekend (end of May 2020). I can’t compare my experience to a live Bootcamp experience because I haven’t been to a live one yet. But I thoroughly enjoyed it as a remote experience. It was so inspiring to hear the thoughts and feelings of many other participants as we met together in the Zoom meeting. The content was totally amazing! The activities were fun and added greatly to the understanding of the concepts. But best of all, they added to my own situation and my own needs as Leslie led us in all the writing, activities and examples to help us learn the concepts of co-creation and discover how to utilize them in our individual purposes and missions. There were several things that were especially memorable for me, things that helped me understand better where I have been and how to more quickly get where I want to go. While I can see the possibility that there might be more positive energy felt in a live event, I was grateful for this remote one because I think it may have limited the distractions for me as I had more quiet time to concentrate and ponder my own goals and needs. (I’m sometimes easily distracted with a lot of other people around!) Even at that, I can’t imagine there was much I missed by being remote. The energy was wonderful just as it was. The other attendees were all very insightful and amazing. I especially appreciated Rosa Long as the assistant in our breakout room, as well as the other members of our particular little group. I’m very grateful for Leslie Householder, Cari Skrdla and Ann Ferguson, and this incredible program that helped me to deal differently with my blockage cycles and to refocus my efforts on what I really want instead. Thank you for a truly wonderful, insightful and inspiring experience! Very, very highly recommended!

  10. Linda Weitz

    Genius boot camp is a wonderful experience that can help lift you to so many new possibilities in your life!! I highly recommend attending this more than once. I received so much insight to how to realign my thought patterns, and feel so positive and inspired about what my future holds for me.

  11. Michelle L Taylor

    Special engagement Genius Bootcamp is so worth it. I learned so much, but more in depth. I am grateful for the experience and for Leslie taking the time to teach what she knows. I feel uplifted!

  12. Kathy Booth

    I am relatively new to Leslie Householder and her principles, so I really didn’t know what to expect. There are no better words to describe my experience than to say my life has been completely altered because of the opportunity to experience what Leslie has to offer. If you are pondering if you should attend one of her Bootcamps, “let go and trust yourself” and sign up immediately – this event is a MUST! Leslie is such a beautiful person and her love and desire to teach others these life-altering principles is something you really need to experience in person.

    I had an incredible opportunity to experience, firsthand, one of the principles she was teaching and it has released me from decades of pre-programmed controlling since childhood. I cannot begin to express the freedom I have received from releasing such painful and powerful subconscious programs. Now, I am free to dream, imagine and achieve any goal that I choose to attain.

    I met beautiful people in my class who are like minded in searching to achieve higher visions and goals for their lives and I relished in their energy of optimism and hope. I walked into that Genius Bootcamp as one person, and walked away from it as a completely different person. Now, I have clearly defined goals and dreams and Leslie has taught me how to work to achieve them.

    What an Accomplishment! What a Bootcamp! What a Blessing!

    -Boundless gratitude to you Leslie, to you Cari for making it possible for me to attend, and to everyone who attended as well; it wouldn’t have been the same without each of you.

  13. Dawn

    Leslie is a rare gem in the sea of personal development voices who cry, “Lo here, lo there, I am the expert.” Leslie turns the student to the laws, the questions, and the practice of making things happen by rare faith, instead of trying to convince you she’s the one to follow or listen to. I have known Leslie for many years and attended and assisted several Genius Bootcamps, been a student of Mindset Mastery, and had the privilege of being mentored by her. Not to mention hearing her speak at other conferences and taking other courses she offers and reading her books. At a time when I was struggling with how to increase my faith to make things happen, Leslie taught me that it isn’t as much about increasing our faith as it is letting go of doubt, worry, and disbelief and trusting in principles and the Designer of those principles for results. Every time I attend GBC, I get something new. The results of my dreams and goals have been far beyond what I could have hoped pre Genius Bootcamp. I am grateful for Leslie’s continued dedication to get these principles out into the world and can’t recommend it high enough.

  14. Suzette Heater

    I loved going to Portal to Genius Boot Camp. It was very enlightening. I gained a deeper understanding of universal laws principles and truths and how to implement them into my life to create miracles. Leslie Householder is a fantastic facilitator. She has a way of creating a educational, high quality, and safe environment.
    it was a bonus to connect with so many other people that also love learning unversal truths.


    I didn’t quite know what to expect for Genius Bootcamp when I registered for it. It was a good experience and one I needed to complete for my facilitator track. Getting to know others was wonderful and being apart of helping them brainstorm and come up with possible solutions to their problems was fulfilling. The most exciting and inspiring part of GBC is seeing others “get it” and set themselves of their path to greatness. I am thrilled to see what everyone accomplishes and how they succeed in their goals and dreams.

  16. Marci Mcclellan

    I would strongly recommend you attend a Genius Bootcamp. I loved the principles and concepts learned here and the ones I already new took on a deeper understanding which was really the right step for me to grow and learn more. Leslie and Cari are amazing.

  17. Cindy Elizondo

    I really enjoyed Genius Bootcamp. It helped me to realize some of my blocks. I have been studying this type of information for a few years and following Leslie for 2 years. Bootcamp helped me to recognize what it was that I needed to do to stay focused on my goals. The lessons build on each other until you find the place that you are at and can grow from there. I am grateful for the friendships formed and being able to understand how while my journey is mine, there are many others with similar trials and feelings to overcome.

  18. June Jones

    I am grateful that I was able to attend Genius Bootcamp. The pace of the bootcamp was perfect. It allowed me time to reflect on the areas that I had struggled with. It gave me tools to help me get through the blocks that had showed up on the way to my goal. The bootcamp really cemented in the concepts I have been learning in the mindset mastery program.
    I also appreciated that Leslie led us on a path to have our own aha moments. This information helped me to recognize some of my bad subconscious programs that showed up even after I got home. Because I recognized them I was able to catch them and stay on track. I would highly recommend this program!!

  19. Jeff A.

    Genius Bootcamp was a great experience. I really enjoyed the lessons, the individual time to reflect and envision where I want to go, and the call to “create” through drawing, writing, and thinking. I had been in the mindset mastery course before and this was a great way to solidify the things I had been learning. I read Portal to Genius on the flight to the Bootcamp. That also gave me a great perspective with what we did during the 3 days. I left camp with a clearer idea of what I need to do next and the strength to take the steps. Participating in the Genius Bootcamp gave me several “a-ha”s and also many quiet realizations that touched my heart and mind. Thank you Leslie Householder!

  20. Molly

    The Genius Boot Camp Experience is just what I needed to boost me into my next part of my purpose. It equipped me with truths that have helped me make things happen. Finding and focusing on solutions is almost habitual to me now! I highly recommend it!

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