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A life-transforming workshop based on the book, Portal to Genius. Because each segment builds on the previous, do not register if you cannot attend all segments in full. Taught by the author of The Jackrabbit Factor and Portal to Genius, and Genius Bootcamp founder, Leslie Householder.

June 17-19, 2021
Scottsdale, AZ

  • Be a part of our LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE in Scottsdale, AZ, or
  • Participate in the livestream from home (and receive a special bonus)

This is Leslie’s Special Engagement Farewell Event. Please read the full details and cancellation policy under DESCRIPTION below before you purchase.

To help defray the costs of this project (which includes a production team, professional studio rental, livestream tech management, and editing services), this opportunity comes at a higher price than your typical Genius Bootcamp.

The special bonus will be revealed in your registration confirmation email and is valued at over $600. Please keep it confidential once you discover what it is. 😉

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Because each segment builds on the previous, do not register if you cannot attend all segments in full.

Victory is won in those single, shining moments when you make a quality decision. This 3-day event will give you the environment, information, exercises, strategies, battle plans, and support to claim your victory NOW and return with extraordinary confidence to the battle field of Life where your decided win can play out.

Based on the premise that the solution to every problem is only an idea away, Genius Bootcamp® will help you tap into those idea sparks that have the power to transform your life forever.

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Why is it called a Farewell Event?

Now that we have a team of facilitators at Rare Faith who expertly conduct the Genius Bootcamp experience for our students, this will be the last Genius Bootcamp that Leslie Householder will teach herself. This Special Engagement “farewell” event is open to all new students AND alumni – an event you won’t want to miss!

There are two ways to participate:

  • In the Scottsdale AZ as part of the live studio audience (by invitation), or
  • Sign up for the livestream to participate from home. One fee new covers everyone in your household!

This 3-day event covers the same material as a regular Genius Bootcamp, taught by the Genius Bootcamp founder herself: the award-winning bestselling author of The Jackrabbit Factor, Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters, and Portal to Genius.

The Livestream option will be engaging and just as active as if you were with us in person. You will be working with materials, leaving the room sometimes to accomplish certain tasks, and communicating with our support team throughout the event.

Event Schedule:

Special Engagement “Farewell” Event in Scottsdale, AZ
Studio Audience (by invitation):

  • Thursday – 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm PT
  • Friday – 10 am – 6:00 pm PT
  • Saturday – 10 am – 6:00 pm PT

Special Engagement “Farewell”
Live Streamed Event – Participate from home:

  • Thursday – 12-6 pm PT / 1-7 pm MT / 2-8 pm CT / 3-9 pm ET
  • Friday – 10 am-6 pm PT / 11 am-7 pm MT / 12-8 pm CT / 1-9 pm ET
  • Saturday – 10 am-6 pm PT / 11 am-7 pm MT / 12-8 pm CT / 1-9 pm ET

Learn more about Genius Bootcamp at

Preparation: If you select the live stream option, you will experience all the same content and activities (or modified versions) as the live Genius Bootcamp event. Therefore, you will need to create a space in your home where you can participate without distractions, as if you were with us at the regular venue. If you cannot fully attend all segments without distractions, please do not register. Even minor distractions during one segment can impact the effectiveness of the segments that follow. Some participants of our virtual events have checked into hotels for the 3 days to ensure a distraction-free environment. It’s your investment, so we encourage you to do whatever you need to do to get the most out of it.

Terms of Livestream Participation

Registration requires a commitment, so please do not register unless you understand and agree to the following:

1. You will be expected to create a distraction-free space where you can be 100% engaged with us June 17-19 during the following hours (all in Pacific Time Zone): Noon-6 pm Thursday, 10am-6pm Friday, 10am-6pm Saturday. In the past, some remote participants have checked into a hotel to ensure their ability to focus on this life-changing experience. This is not required, but preparing whatever space you’ll be in with that kind of dedication is the kind of commitment we ask for so that you can get the benefit Genius Bootcamp was designed to deliver. Make sure you will have good wi-fi and do not attempt to connect via phone or iPad as these devices are not supported and can not be depended upon to facilitate the different activities or assignments you will be given.

2. Be in attendance for ALL segments, as they build on each other, and missing a segment can make all the difference in your success with this experience. 

3. Keep the access link confidential from anyone who is not registered, so that everyone who attends gets proper credit. See “CREDIT” below for more info.

4. Genius Bootcamp is not intended for participants under 18 years of age, however there are exceptions. See “EXCEPTIONS” below.

5. All participants must read The Jackrabbit Factor before attending. (Free at If you would like to invite someone who has not already been introduced to the principles, we encourage you to have him or her read this book before they sign up. If they have or will read it, you may extend the invitation. If they do not, please withhold your invitation.

6. Prepare for class by obtaining the following materials – each student must have:

* Signed waiver (required before participation, signed digitally from your welcome email)
* Notebook or journal and pen
* Loose lined paper
* A bat or 3-foot stick or pole (yardstick also works)
* 2 large sheets of drawing paper or 1 small double-sided poster
* 1 set Crayola markers (fat)
* Your workbook (provided digitally in your welcome email) downloaded and printed before class starts (40 pages. May be 20 pages if printed front/back).

CREDIT – GBC is a prerequisite to more advanced training, so even if a person does not plan to further their education with us, we want to make sure that everyone who attends gets proper credit for participating. We also need to know our numbers so we can prepare to have enough staff on hand to support all of the Livestream students.

EXCEPTIONS – Genius Bootcamp is intended for participants 18 or older. On occasion, younger teenagers have been permitted to attend. Use parental discretion in this matter. Genius Bootcamp content is clean, but it requires deep thinking and there is no guarantee that audience members will not bring up sensitive topics. Attention span and maturity level should be considered before registering your teen for this event.

System Requirement: Be prepared to join from a regular computer or laptop using a strong internet connection. You will be accessing multiple webpages during the event. Participation by phone or iPad is not permitted. 

Transfer / Refund Policy: Because this is a one-time last shot opportunity and seating is limited, there are no transfers or refunds. By purchasing this product, you indicate that you understand and agree to this policy.

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Studio Audience (Scottsdale, AZ), Live Streamed (family pass)


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