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  • Aug 12-Sept 30, 2023 Saturdays @8am-9am PT with Tamara Shimmin
  • Aug 15-Oct 3, 2023 Tuesdays @5pm-6pm PT with Rochelle Lloyd
  • Aug 17-Oct 5, 2023 Thursdays @5pm-6pm PT with Kathleen Taylor


Genius Bootcamp Immersion is an online version of our signature Genius Bootcamp experience.

Victory is won in those single, shining moments when you make a quality decision.  This program will give you the environment, the information, the exercises, strategies, battle plans, and support to claim your victory NOW and return with extraordinary confidence to the battle field of Life where your decided win can play out.

Based on the premise that the solution to every problem is only an idea away, Genius Bootcamp will help you tap into those sparks of ideas that have the power to transform your life forever.

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While Genius Bootcamp is also available as a 3-day LIVE workshop retreat-style, this “Immersion” version provides a deep-dive into the concepts for a more comprehensive study and longer-term impact with more flexibility for busy people.


Preparation: Attendees of the online format can experience the same content and activities (or modified versions) as our regular Genius Bootcamp events, if they are willing to create a space in their home where they can participate without distractions. (Some of the exercises require your full attention to experience their full impact.)

Instead of covering the bootcamp topics in 2.5 days, this 3-month “Immersion” version with 24 online units provides a deeper-dive into the concepts for a more comprehensive study and longer-term impact.

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Aug 12-Sept 30 Tamara Shimmin, Aug 15-Oct 3 Rochelle Lloyd, Aug 17-Oct 5 Kathleen Taylor, Independent Study

7 reviews for Genius Bootcamp Immersion

  1. Rodger (verified owner)

    I was able to have a wonderful experience with our class, they were all amazing. Thank You.

  2. Wendy Cordon

    I didn’t really know for sure what the Genius Bootcamp was all about when I signed up. But I am so glad that I did! Our facilitator, Roseanne Dawes, was just phenomenal in guiding us through this amazing course. Leslie has developed a great system to walk you through identifying questions and receiving answers. This was a powerful class, and I did, in fact, receive some sparks of inspiration and some answers to questions. Now I know the process I can use to determine my ‘next steps’ when I am working toward a goal. I highly recommend this program!

  3. Sarah (verified owner)

    I LOVED taking more time to go through the Bootcamp course – I was able to really dive into it. I would even like a 12 week course!

  4. Wendi

    5 stars

  5. Laura Curtis

    I participated in the Genius Bootcamp Immersion program. I can not say enough about how much I love the principles and tools I have learned. Leslie has a way of making things so clear and Genius Bootcamp helps you really figure out what you are wanting to accomplish, why you want to, and how you can achieve all you were meant to do with God’s help. Thank you

  6. Rachel Brandon (verified owner)

    This immersion program journey has been an incredible opportunity of learning and growth. It took some discipline to come back to the program and work on the lessons regularly, and some of them were tough, but I have been SO rewarded for the effort! My life has taken a dramatic shift for the better these past few months, and I can absolutely attribute it to applying what I have learned. That’s what I love so much about this course. The call for action. That’s where the magic happens. I am excited about my future, which isn’t something I could have honestly said before reading Leslie’s books and taking this course. Absolutely life changing. I look forward to continued learning, implementing and sharing these principles with the people I love.

  7. Paul

    I would have loved to go away for the weekend and do GBC but that isn’t really feasible right now. This was a great alternative. It was nice to go at my own pace but it also required discipline to come back to it and do it. The lessons learned were awesome and I’m looking forward to putting it into action! Really good way to go through the materials.

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Genius Bootcamp Immersion

(7 customer reviews)


The Genius Bootcamp Immersion program is a life-transforming workshop based on the book, Portal to Genius.

Immersion Options:

Independent Study – the online, self-paced study version of our signature Genius Bootcamp experience, taught by founder, Leslie Householder. Start any time, does not expire.

Guided via Zoom over 8 weeks – a facilitator walks with you through the Independent Study online version taught by Leslie, with expert-led discussion, q/a, and accountability. See date / time options under Description below.

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