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A life-transforming workshop based on the book, Portal to Genius. Please read the additional details, location (for live events), system requirements (for virtual events), and cancellation policy below before you purchase. Because each segment builds on the previous, do not register if you cannot attend all segments in full.

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Because each segment builds on the previous, do not register if you cannot attend all segments in full.

Victory is won in those single, shining moments when you make a quality decision.  This 3-day event will give you the environment, the information, the exercises, strategies, battle plans, and support to claim your victory NOW and return with extraordinary confidence to the battle field of Life where your decided win can play out.

Based on the premise that the solution to every problem is only an idea away, Genius Bootcamp will help you tap into those sparks of ideas that have the power to transform your life forever.

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Locations and Time Details for each event is listed on the Event Schedule. Need assistance? Contact us HERE


Preparation: Attendees of the Virtual format will experience all the same content and activities (or modified versions) as our regular live Genius Bootcamp events. Therefore, you will need to create a space in your home where you can participate without distractions, as if you were with us at a regular venue. If you cannot fully attend all segments without distractions, please attend a Live version or wait to register for another session when you can. 

System Requirements for Virtual Events: Zoom video conference with a regular computer or laptop using a strong internet connection. Participation by phone or iPad is not permitted. 

Cancellation Policy: Because seating is limited, it is important to understand our policy before proceeding: Click here to read the Cancellation Policy (opens in a new window). By purchasing this product, you indicate that you understand and agree to this policy.


* Denotes a facilitators’ practice event after completing their qualifications. It provides the same training and information as a regular Bootcamp, but the class size is sometimes smaller, allowing for a slower pace and more personal attention.

† This session of Genius Bootcamp is specifically for women who experience anxiety and/or depression. Colleen and Michelle bring a unique perspective to the Genius Bootcamp experience based on their many years of their own struggles with debilitating depression and anxiety. They are not healthcare professionals and this Genius Bootcamp experience is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any psychological condition.

(I) Instead of covering the bootcamp topics in 2.5 days, this 3-month “Immersion” version with 12 weekly guided classes provides a deeper-dive into the concepts for a more comprehensive study and longer-term impact.


Learn more about the course Facilitators here.

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Oct 7-9 Colleen & Michelle†, Oct 7-9 Wayne Hafner, Oct 21-23 Kathryn Barney, Nov 11-13 Cari Skrdla, Nov 11-13 Steve & Beckie, Nov 11-13 Ann Ferguson (LIVE), Dec 2-4 Monica Zollinger


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