Discovering Your Hidden Resources


What would you do if you ever ran out of money? Video presentation and three audios streamed online.

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What Would YOU do if You Ran Out of Money?

Would you roll over and give up, or tap into your hidden resources? What are your hidden resources? How do you get to them?

Have you ever run out of resources before you accomplished your goal? Or, maybe the resources you needed were ALMOST gone, and it left you stressed or depressed? In those situations, trust me. You’re not as stuck as you think.

There are secrets to discovering your HIDDEN resources, and my “Portal to Genius” co-author and I want to share them with you. 

Based on the principles contained in The Jackrabbit Factor and its sequel,Portal to Genius, this videocast will reveal the story behind the story and give you a glimpse into the miraculous events leading up to its release. Be inspired to discover your own portal to genius!


  • What to do if your money ever runs out
  • What is your only REAL source of security
  • How to discover your life’s mission
  • What’s the prosperity equation
  • How to develop mental capital
  • The WRONG way to build relationship capital
  • How to improve your own personal “stock”
  • How to discover YOUR own portal to genius
  • The story BEHIND the Portal to Genius book
  • The real reason it took me so long to finish it


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