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By Katalina Bonds

I struggle with feeling confident in my communications and meetings with people. Some of it stems from emotional issues where I have felt that I’m not good enough, but those are mostly out the door now as a result of emotion code healing.

What I have found that is truly helping with my confidence is accomplishments. Don’t you feel great when you’ve finished a big task or completed a big project at work or home? Well, by setting smaller goals that lead to your big goals, you will get those same feelings and your confidence will grow with every stepping stone (accomplished goal). If setting even those small goals feels insurmountable, look at your daily tasks and decide which ones need to get done and complete those. That will give you a daily sense of accomplishment.

Another way to build your confidence is to do the right thing…always. You need to first figure out what the best version of yourself looks like and that you aspire to be. Then you make the decision that you will live by that value system every day, no matter what comes your way. These small decisions are what will make your character and if you want to become that person you aspire to be…there are no excuses. The longer you consistently choose to do what that person you aspire to be would do, the more confident and proud you will be of yourself.

Exercise for not only healthy body, but also healthy soul. Exercise has always been known to improve mood as it reduces stress. Staying emotionally healthy will keep you focused, give you clarity and stave off negative emotions such as anxiety and depression. When you are healthy of mind, you are able to see more clearly how amazing you are and your confidence will grow.

Sometimes, you just have to be fearless and move through it (whatever “it” is). Failing isn’t the enemy…it’s fear of failing that hinders our progress. Imagine the worst possible scenario and ask yourself, “What would I do if….? Talk yourself through it and you will see, it’s not as bad as you imagine. You will survive, so take the fear out of it and gather your courage to keep moving forward.

Finally, you need to stand-up for yourself. The best way to do this is to believe in your goals. You should have already visualized your goals and added emotion to it and chosen to truly believe in it. If that is already set, then standing up for yourself will come naturally. You will not be swayed when someone tells you that your idea is dumb. They don’t know what you know. Besides, it’s your dream, not theirs. People change the world every day with opposition all around them…so can YOU!


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