When Things are Outside of Your Control

Regina has been studying Rare Faith success principles for a while. She gives us an excellent example of patience and the value of “keep calm and watch what happens.” Her example is inspiring as she remained calm when even the most patient person could have been rattled. It’s my pleasure to introduce her as a Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate.

Upon graduating, I had some questions for her:

Q. What was your experience with the Phase 1 experiment? (The “inconsequential goal”)

My goal was to see an owl. I had imagined seeing an owl sitting on a fence. The next day after I made my goal, I was driving home from my Dad’s property right at dusk near the river when a huge winged bird flew in front of my windshield. It looked like it was an owl but happened so fast, I cannot be sure. Since January, I have seen multiple owls, mostly on Facebook. My two neighbors have taken pictures of many of them. I have seen a variety of the most owls I have ever seen in my life. I also saw plastic owls, one in a neighbor’s garden, and a couple of others on top of poles. It has been amazing!

Did you notice that her goal stated she wanted to see “an” owl. One would have been sufficient to meet her goal and expectations. What resulted was her seeing the most variety of owls she had ever seen in her life. Start paying attention and you’ll discover that God loves to over-deliver when we have the faith to receive.

Q. What was your experience with Phase 2?

I had dropped off my taxes at the beginning of March. My accountant briefly looked at the information and informed me I would owe a small amount of taxes. I resolved right then that I would get a refund back to put toward my upcoming trip to Germany.

A week before taxes were due, I called to enquire about the status and was told they were ready to pick up. You can imagine my shock when I found out that I owed over $4000. The young lady I saw could not tell me why. (Let’s just say I was totally replaying my affirmation in my mind and praying he had made a mistake. Also, thankfully, I had learned about the Laws of Relativity and Polarity and The Law of Rhythm.)

When I heard the bad news, I literally concentrated on my breathing to calm myself down. I realized that the situation had been worse in the past when we owed $20,000 for taxes and the first year we owed $500 and had to take out a loan. Yes, thankfully I had the money in the bank to pay the taxes.

This is an excellent example of using the Laws to remain calm, and choosing gratitude instead of fear. Let’s see what happened next. She continued…

I also knew my situation would get better.

I am so grateful to have learned the laws because I would have probably paid the taxes and been angry about it.

I finally got hold of the accountant by phone. The accountant told me we owed $1006 for Federal. We had an increase in pay and not enough money was taken out. (That made sense to me.) I mentioned that my husband does not live in the state of Idaho, so I could not understand why we owed over $3000 for the state. He did not admit making a mistake, but said he would redo the calculations.

I called back two days prior to April 15 (tax due date) and was informed, once again, that the taxes were ready to pick up. I asked the young lady what the status was. She gave me the same amount she did the first time. (Let’s say I just started doing my deep breathing again to remain calm.) I wanted to know why I still owed the same amount.

Staying in a state of curiosity rather than turning to anger or frustration. Regina intentionally focused on calm, breathing exercises. Without expectation or accusation, she asked again for an explanation.

Luckily, she called back to confirm that I owed $1006 for Federal and WOULD receive a refund for $397. I was so excited!!!! It was a miracle and I am forever grateful. I overnighted the money that was due so it would not be late. The refund was placed in my German account for my trip next month. YAY!!!

Way to go, Regina! What a great example of keeping calm! The outcome could have been much different had she allowed anger or frustration to take over. Instead, a $4,000 tax bill was reduced by 75% AND she still received the refund she declared she would receive. Well done!

Q. Did you experience a Terror Barrier Breakthrough during the course?

I actually had a few Terror Barriers, one being the taxes I just mentioned. The biggest issue I had though was when trying to obtain airline tickets to Germany. I had waited too long to obtain the best priced tickets.

The man I was working with told me the prices were going up. I did not wait for him to respond on how to get the tickets he told me about. I had gotten impatient and mentioned to my husband I needed to get tickets today! [My husband] went online and found a “cheap” airline company. We did a conference call to obtain the tickets. (Neither of us knew what we were doing.) After an hour or so working with an agent, to procure three plane tickets (for my Mom, Sis, and myself) from Idaho Falls, Idaho, to Hanover, Germany, he went to confirm our approval. He informed us it would cost $4400. Then he said the seats were sold out, and he was happy to help us book another flight. (My stress was going up a bit by that time.)

He booked us another flight that was now $4800. He also informed us that the names on the passport had to match exactly to the ticket. I did not know what names were on my mom and sister’s passports and was not able to get a hold of them. He said I could call back in the morning if necessary. (Let’s just say this situation kept getting worse because then I owed $4800.)

The next day, the lady I talked to said she could not just add my Mom’s middle name. She had to do another booking. (Now, if you ever call these people, it is NOT a simple procedure. They put you on hold constantly. You have to verify your security information a hundred times it seems.) She made a third booking that was now $5100. (I did a lot of breathing to remain calm.)

The next day I checked my bank account. I had about $6000 in my account to begin with. This day, my account said “$0.” My overdraft was $1000, and there was over $4000 that was in the air (almost $10,000) supposedly missing from my account. Talk about a Terror Barrier, I was ready to freak!!! (In case you’re wondering, Lamaze Breathing is not just for having a baby. It works in the older years and also with my 4-year old granddaughter too.)

I knew there was no money in my account to even pay for my last booking. On my way to work, I felt like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I truly had to keep being positive and give myself the cheerleader talk.

“Keep calm and watch what happens.” There is power in this mantra, and Regina is demonstrating a perfect example of using words to keep her thoughts and vibrations up to work for her rather than against her.

By the time I got to work, I had resolved to get my money back (plus I prayed like I was drowning – basically, HELP!!!!) I called that morning to cancel. After being put on hold a few times, the phone disconnected. A couple of hours later, I called back.

The agent kept putting me on hold because he had to check the “cancellation policy.” Finally, he informed me it was too late to cancel. I remained calm but in a firm voice I asked for his name and to speak to his supervisor. He refused to let me speak to his supervisor but kept putting me on hold. (I was still praying like crazy and trying to remain positive.)

He told me that I could get my refund $5100, but would owe a $300 cancellation fee ($100 per person). I said okay. He put me on hold again then came back onto the line to inform me, “Good news!” I only owed $210 for the cancellation fee. (Yay!) I finally received an email showing they would refund my money; [however], my husband had received a text that morning showing fraud on our bank account. He had shut off my bank card. Now I had a dilemma. They could not put the money back on my card. We were disconnected again.

I can only imagine the level of frustration that Regina must have been feeling here, yet she kept holding onto her vision of the refund, and for it to be returned to the correct account in a timely manner.

I called my bank. A half an hour later they were able to open my card up again. I had to call the company back, go through more security questions, be placed on hold again.

The lady told me the money couldn’t be put on my card. I informed her I just spoke to the bank manager. Somehow, I ended up talking to Kay again. He was able to get the money onto my card. He said it could take up to 14 days for the full amount. Then he said he needed another card for the cancellation fee to be paid. I did not have one. He said he could not use my current one. The whole process took 3 hours. I took 2 hours vacation time and my lunch hour to resolve the situation. (Luckily, I work with a very understanding boss.)

The next day, I checked my account. It had over $1000 returned to it. I called the company to pay the fee. The lady was happy to take money from the same debit card. (Yay again!) By the second day, all of the money was returned. This was such an extreme humbling experience. My faith in God was already strong, but I believe this is what Leslie calls “rare faith.” I am ever so thankful for all the lessons I have learned. I’m also grateful that I have an optimistic nature and love to embrace spiritual things.

Q. What would you tell someone who is facing their fear right now?

Hold on! Believe miracles can happen and that there is a God in Heaven that loves you. Pray like you are drowning. Make the resolve to overcome and don’t give up! Throw the fear out the window (concentrated breathing helps). Remember the blessings and to give thanks for the hardship. The Terror Barrier had helped me to know myself and my character.

We can do hard things. The miracles are there waiting for us to see them.

Yes! The miracles ARE always there and waiting for us to experience them. If there is one main message to be learned from Regina’s report, it would be this:

When things are outside of your control, do your part, and then Keep Calm and Watch What Happens.

Great work Regina, and congratulations on your graduation!



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