No More Scary Goals: Let them Meet You in the Middle

Do you think it could really be possible that when we pursue a goal, we don’t have to kill ourselves off to accomplish it? Do you think, just maybe, we actually make it harder than it needs to be? Can we hope for some unseen help to attain our dreams?

I think so. Truly.

I believe there are scientific laws that are steadfast that never change. They simply are. Every night when the sun goes down, I can be sure that it will rise again in the morning. It’s constant and never-changing. (At least so far.) 🙂

There are also Laws of Thought that are constant and never-changing. One law I learned from Leslie Householder is the Law of Cause and Effect. It’s been known by other names as well: The Law of the Harvest, The Law of the Sower, and others. It’s basically this: When you move forward in a specific direction, there is an equal force moving in the opposite direction.


Let me say it another way…

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Author Stephanie Francom is a Rare Faith Certified Mentor and Genius Bootcamp Facilitator.

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Stephanie Francom

People watcher, aspiring pianist and lover of chocolate, Stephanie Francom is a weekly hiker wannabe, mother of seven, Mindset Mastery Certified Mentor, Genius Bootcamp Facilitator, and grandmother of the cutest and smartest Littles on the planet. Learn more about Stephanie

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