My Aha Moment

This morning after I meditated I began to pray and this is what happened. I felt the Lord was telling me to just listen to His promptings and write. So this is what I wrote, and it is a springboard for the ideas I will put into words and action:

– I coach Divine Law
– Write the Book of God’s laws
– Divine Law Book for Your Miracle Zone
– Use all inspired writings: Bible, Book of Mormon, Torah, Tanach, Buddha Confucius, Mohammed, inspired women’s and men’s writings. Learn the language of other spiritual voices so that you can preach the Gospel to the world.
– Divine laws exist throughout the world
– God has given us a handbook/ rule book/ book of laws for Parenting, Business, Relationships with His laws.
– Personal Development is the application of Divine Law in achieving your best self
– Other names by which the laws are known: search and identify them
– Identify what you want and test it: find out what laws take you there; live into it.
– If you’re not getting answers you’re asking the wrong questions.
– You’ve been riding a hamster wheel.
– Thoreau: For every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil, there is one hacking at the root.
– Insanity: same thing over and over, expecting different results

Share the laws you have discovered. What is the law, or principle, behind what you want to accomplish?


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