Merry Christmas!

We didn’t get cards out this year. So here is our Christmas family update:

2018 was a wild ride! Besides finally buying a home in August, here’s what else happened:

Trevan Householder still works at ISOS Tech, consulting small businesses in their implementation and use of Atlassian software. He spent 10 days in Europe on a cycling trek and is preparing to teach the Guided Mindset Mastery program for our business online at nights in 2019. He was released (like everyone else in the world during April Conference) from being a High Priest Group Leader, and now serves as the 11-year old Sunday School teacher and scout leader in our new ward (congregation).

Leslie Householder – I’m still blogging, podcasting, and teaching classes about Rare Faith (the kind of faith that causes things to happen). I also continue to work at the temple baptistry every Wednesday and love it. Two of my three books are finally on Audible, and with the help of (and relief provided by) my new Executive Assistant and Program Director Caroline Skrdla, I’ve finally started doing more events again. 2018 took me to various locations throughout Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. Next year I’ll be speaking in some of those locations again, as well as at BYU-Hawaii, and on a Caribbean cruise in December. Join my newsletter to stay in the know!

Jacob Householder is 26 and a senior at BYUI in Financial Economics. He works for a company called Success Engine, building marketing campaigns for small businesses, and serves as the Director of International Outreach at the Columbus Center for Constitutional Studies, for which he put together a Healing of America Conference in Rexburg, and attended a memorable trip to Israel. He has also played a key role in setting up the new community building for the non-profit Spark Freedom Center in Rexburg. He was selected for the Wheatley Leadership Scholarship and was also awarded an internship, for which he’ll go to Washington DC for training next month.

Nathan Householder is 23 and also attending BYUI. He’s also stayed busy working for Success Engine, and volunteering his spare time to BYUI Student Support, for both the Get Connected and I-Night events at the school. He also volunteered countless hours for the Healing of America Conference in Rexburg in October. He is a business major but is still considering all his options. He keeps the family laughing with his Memes for Days and is a compassionate big brother to all his siblings.

Kayli Householder is 20 and still serving in the Salt Lake City West mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, currently working with the deaf community in ASL. It’s been a rough year but she’s stuck it out and has learned and grown so much. She loves the people she works with, and we’re looking forward to her return on February 26, 2019.

Jared Householder is 19 and spent a semester on Scholarship at BYU Provo. He then came home for the summer/fall to work and save up his money. He plans to do another semester beginning in January, but this time from home while he continues to work at Geno’s Pizza in Queen Creek. He spends his free time developing his mad Nintendo skills and sometimes talks me into trying to beat him. When he’s not playing, I get on his case for wasting his talents.

Nicholas Householder is 17 and has been burning the candle at both ends. But he seems to like it that way because I can’t seem to get him to slow down. He is a Junior at Benjamin Franklin High School and currently taking two AP classes, attending EVIT for Anatomy/Physiology in prep for certification as a Massage Therapist, Myopractor, or Physical Therapist (he’s still deciding), and also works part time at Johnny Rockets. Sometimes he operates on 3-4 hours of sleep for days in a row. Despite his schedule, he still manages to go to the temple baptistry each week.

Bethany Householder is 15 and has taken up theater at the Queen Creek Performing Arts Center. She had a blast performing in Madagascar Jr., Saturday’s Warrior, and High School Musical 2. She loves to dance and loves spending time with her friends. She says she hates school but still works hard to do well. She surprises herself by doing better than she expects, more often than she’ll admit.

Sarah Householder is 12 and finally out of Primary. Wasn’t too pleased about the recent announcement, which – had it been announced just 12 months earlier – would have spared her the agony of the last eleven months. She LOVES Young Women’s and can’t wait for Girl’s Camp. She plays the cello (but recently asked if she could take a break), and also enjoys theater with her sister. She had a great time being in Saturday’s Warrior at the Queen Creek Performing Arts Center over the summer.

Tom (not pictured) is our cat and we love him.

At this time, we testify that nothing else matters as much as our love, devotion, and reliance upon our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate. He is our ROCK, and our Redeemer. He has carried us through hard times, and given us the strength to put one foot in front of the other when we have felt like we had nothing left. It is only by Him and through Him that we accomplish anything worthy, and for that I am eternally grateful for His love, compassion, and mercy. May we always remember Him in all that we do.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.

With love, from the Householders

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