Informational Sales Team Kickoff Call

Want to join our team? This could be a beautiful beginning…

For anyone who wants to earn money helping others change their lives, we’re going to hold a special 3-week sales school training, where you’ll not only learn how to increase YOUR income helping others, you’ll even get paid to practice.

Register here for the information session which will take place September 7th at 6:30 pm PT. You’ll get a lot more information there!

Is this a full time position?

It is part time, with very flexible hours, however, you will have the ability to earn full time income.

What will I be selling?

We have a bunch of new programs that we are launching this fall and our sales team will be helping potential clients decide which programs are right for them at their current place on the journey.

What if I haven’t had sales training before?

Are you a go-getter? Do you love the value we offer here at Rare Faith? Do you want to create a lot of income while helping others? If yes, we can train on the rest.

What if I already have another sales job?

That’s okay with us as long as it’s okay with them.

How much can I earn?

We anticipate that our team members will earn between 2,000-8,000 per month, but that obviously depends on effort and skill.

As you can imagine, Rosa, Leslie, and Cari are looking forward to working with our new sales team members.


So what do you think?

Would you like to join us for the free info meeting? Want to check it out and learn more?

Do you know someone else who would be perfect for this role? Pass this along!

Register now to get the zoom link for the info session HERE

Event date: Tuesday, Sept 7 at 6:30 pm PT

The event is finished.

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