Achieving the Impossible Starts

KICKS OFF Oct 19 at 2pm PT

Just because something appears to be impossible to you, that does not mean it is actually impossible. If it’s ever been done before, or if it’s something you can at least conceive, then it’s truly within the realm of possibility for you.

In this program, we’ll help you see HOW it’s possible, and then hold you accountable to take the steps that allow you to experience success with at least one piece of your vision that is currently beyond your natural control.

This program is also designed to help you learn a skill for overcoming each challenge that keeps you from reaching your highest potential and achieving every goal throughout your life. (Optionally repeatable for next-level goals as you continue toward the realization of your overarching life vision.)

If you are ready to break through limitations for yourself, and for the impact your transformation can have on those you influence, join us for Achieving the Impossible – a 12-month coaching program with Leslie Householder and team.

Families, organizations, and communities are transformed when you learn how to overcome your challenges to achieve those seemingly impossible goals. Let us show you how to use the Rare Faith principles to do just that.

Wednesdays 2pm PT / 3pm MT / 4pm CT / 5pm ET

Oct 19, 2022 – Oct 18, 2023

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