Living My Soul Purpose

By Rosa Long

The law of vibration states that everything is in a constant state of vibration or movement. I always believed the power of words to create what they speak. When my friend would call herself an idiot, I cringed and even asked her to please stop doing that. But, it was obvious she was comfortable with that state of mind.

When I was introduced to personal development books over two decades ago, I went crazy reading those books over and over. I loved learning how to become a better person. I didn’t realize that as I was doing that, I was changing my thinking and thus, changing my vibration. I still didn’t understand the principles of success or how to use them but our lives did improve with what I did understand. 

I always expected a better lifestyle than  my current reality. I never saw myself living on poverty level, even though that was our reality being an E-4 in the Army. This mindset kept moving us higher in our lifestyle. During all the years of this constant improvement, I tried all kinds of businesses. I had a strong desire to be an entrepreneur even though I had no knowledge on how to do it. That didn’t stop me. Not finding my passion in any of those businesses eventually did. 

That is until the Lord inspired me to go to school to get my 4-year degree. I knew that if the Lord had not inspired me to do it, I would never have signed up. I never wanted a 4-year degree. I knew deep down that spending all that money on an education was not going to get me where I wanted to go. But, I am a faithful daughter of God, if nothing else, so, I signed up for school.

At an event that talked about the different degrees you could sign up for, the speaker mentioned working towards a certificate first and foremost. He mentioned an Entrepreneur Certificate. My ears perked up at that word and so I signed up for a major that I ended up changing three times, but I knew I was going to school for that certificate. I didn’t know why and I kept asking the question…”What business should I start?” 

I was changing my vibration simply by voicing that question and asking it over and over again. I started school in January 2016 and December 2017 I had completed all but one of the classes to complete my certificate. January 2018 I was told that I was getting laid off from my job. This was the catalyst that moved me to make the jump into entrepreneurship and I haven’t looked back since. October 2018 I discovered Leslie Householder and the laws of success.

I’m living my soul purpose and well on my way. The journey is just beginning; so many wonderful things to look forward to!


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