It Is What It Is

By Katalina Bonds

The Law of Relativity states that nothing is fundamentally good or bad…it just is. This reminds me of a quote that I hear often, “It is what it is.” Learning about this law really helped me see that I was on the right track about finding the blessings in all our challenges.  

I started, unknowingly, using this law early on when my children were only toddlers and they were diagnosed with autism. Raising two children that struggled with verbal communication as well as cognitive understanding was quite a challenge. Behavior issues and anxiety impacted our younger son and seizures came to my older son when he turned 18. 

Most people that saw us struggle agreed with me, yes, this is a huge challenge. For example, I could not verbally explain to my child that we could not stay at the water slide park any longer. He did not understand that the water park slides closed every day. He only knew he wanted to keep going up and down the water slide.  I am certain people thought we were killing our son due to the extreme volume of his screams as he followed us to the van all the while hitting his dad on his legs in protest to us leaving.


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