I Love Change

By Katalina Bonds

The Law of Rhythm states that nature’s movements are cyclical…there is repetition in everything. This reminds me of my sons’ schedules…they are consistently on a rhythm from their morning routines, daily schedules, to their yearly holiday events. They are as predictable as the sun coming up on the east and setting on the west. I have recently been told by my husband that he enjoys having a consistent routine as well. The longer I live with him, the more I am seeing myself enjoy routine as well…to a certain extent. 

I am the epitome of the Law of Rhythm because I love change! I see change as disrupting the normal flow of things. I get bored easily so, anticipation of change excites me because it means something new is coming. I don’t like staying the same and I don’t like not improving myself, my life and my surroundings. Does this sound familiar?  

On a side note, I ran into a mom who was struggling keeping her child engaged in her toys that were in her room. She said she never went in there anymore. I sensed this child may very well be like me in that she needs a change in her environment to feel refreshed. When I was young, I used to reorganize my room every weekend. So, I told her to do the same thing with her daughter’s room and she called me the next day excited because her daughter was now spending time in her room playing. I know not all of us are comfortable with the Law of Rhythm but keep reading because you may think differently.


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