Great Energy in a Down Economy is Contagious

My flight from Las Vegas to home on Monday was memorable, and is one reason why I will always try to fly Southwest airlines when I have a choice.

Just a little positive energy from one person can create a ripple effect that has no bounds.

As you watch this video, ask yourself: how do people feel when they are around you? Lighten up, and make someone’s day, like this guy made mine! He put me in such a good mood – it’s lasted three days already!

It’s this kind of ‘going the extra mile’ that deserves a big fat tip.

Here are some of the other one-liners that didn’t get caught on tape:

“…and if somehow this flight from Las Vegas to Phoenix becomes a CRUISE, your seat cushion may be used as a floatation device…”

“….And during the flight, if you don’t like our service, we have 6 exits located here, and here, and there…”

“Okay, folks, we’re cleared for take off… be sure your seat belt is securely fastened, because we’re going to go reeeeeeeally, reeeeeeeally FAST.

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  1. My favorite was, “and if you enjoyed your flight today be sure to tell all your friends and family because we know you do when you haven’t had a good one.” 🙂

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