Feel the Dream

By: Sarah Young

One Monday morning, I was at work going through my normal routine and had a local radio station playing in my ears. They were running a contest called “Take it or Trade it” where you needed to be caller number 91 to qualify for the drawing that would be held on the following Friday in the early morning. I love radio show contests and this one was no exception as there were some awesome prizes to be won, including a spa package I wanted. Not only that, but if you did not want the first prize offered, you could trade it for a different one.

I had recently found my way to the Rare Faith material and had just read about the Law of Vibration in the book “Hidden Treasures” by Leslie Householder, so the next cue led me to daydreaming and practicing some of the “right-thinking” she spoke of. As I dialed and re-dialed the phone, I thought about the massage I was scheduled to receive in two days. I considered that if I won the contest and got the spa package, I could cancel the appointment. For just a moment, I considered what it would feel like to for this to happen.

I kid you not, almost as soon as I formulated that thought did the phone pick up on the other end of the line. I realized I wasn’t just any number caller, but the coveted 91st caller! I was now entered into the Friday drawing, so I made sure to set the alarm on my phone to remind me to listen at the assigned time.

True to my belief that I had already won, I immediately contacted the massage place and cancelled my appointment…or so I thought. The next day, I ended up receiving I reminder notice for my appointment. At that moment, I was feeling especially achy and thought for a moment, “Well, I guess if it’s not canceled…” But then I remembered the thought that set this affair in motion. I decided it was best to contact the massage place again to remind them of my cancellation seeing that I chose to believe my prize was waiting for me.

My alarm went off on Friday morning about 10 minutes before they were set to call the name of the winner…and I was ready. I sat in anticipation as I anxiously awaited the time to pass and for the radio show host to finally announce the winner of the contest. And there it was: Sarah Young from Lowell, Michigan. I was stunned, but I did not hesitate. I called the radio station as fast as I could.

After some brief formalities, I “spun” the prize wheel where they offered me my “Take it” option: a big screen TV. Without delay, surprising the radio show host, I said I wanted to trade it; in my head that wasn’t my prize – my prize was still waiting for me. So, I “spun” the prize wheel again and the next prize offered to me was: A Luxurious Spa Weekend!!

I almost couldn’t believe it – I felt like it all played out perfectly. I’m not sure what or if anything different would have occurred had I kept the original massage appointment. What I do know is that what I did receive was much better. My husband would later tell me that he knew that I had won after I told him I was caller 91. Go figure!


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  1. Krista

    This is pretty awesome, Sarah!!! What a great story

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