The Rare Faith Program Facilitator Track - 2022 requirements

We’re looking for a few high-caliber self-starters who want to earn money helping us teach Mindset Mastery and Genius Bootcamp. Facilitating these programs is a wonderful way to make a difference, while internalizing the powerful principles of Rare Faith that help you achieve your goals. 

Facilitators are responsible for filling their own events, but we do try to help by announcing the events in our newsletter. Facilitators may receive between $125-$275 for every regular paid Guided Mindset Mastery student, and between $75-$297 for every regular paid Genius Bootcamp attendee. As a Certified Facilitator, you also have the opportunity to receive commissions on other products and services through Leslie’s affiliate program (ranging from $2-$500 per item).

We cannot guarantee your success, and we do not guarantee that every applicant will be accepted into the Facilitator program. Those who do qualify and who are accepted will ultimately carry the responsibility of filling and putting on successful and profitable events. Genius Bootcamp Events may have as few as 5 participants, or up to 20. Guided Mindset Mastery classes are capped at 12 participants. It is the facilitator’s responsibility to provide the location (where applicable) and standard class materials for each participant, and to obtain items on a list of teacher’s tools and materials. Facilitators are independent contractors for Thoughts Alive LLC, and do not work as employees. Details subject to change.