Everything Works to My Benefit

By Katalina Bonds

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation states that everything is either coming into form or going out of form. I can liken it to a muscle that is worked on. It is growing and becoming stronger. Likewise, if something is going out of form, then a muscle that is not worked will atrophy and lose what strength it had. 

Leslie Householder says, “So long as you held the thought in your mind, everything you needed was, by law, beginning to be drawn to you. When you let go of the idea, all those things were drawn away from you. You never saw evidence of these changes taking place, so you had no idea that what you desired, was being affected by your thoughts” (Hidden Treasures, Leslie Householder, Pg 37). 

I love learning and applying new knowledge in my life and I believe we are all life time learners. We are constantly evolving, however, I experienced 7 years when life just seemed overwhelming and challenges in my career absorbed all my attention and put me in a vibration or thought process that had no interest in adding anything new into my life. 

I was in a rut. I felt like stale bread because I knew I wasn’t growing or learning. My lack of interest in life or knowledge had me feeling like I was losing something…like I was slowly dying inside.

It wasn’t until I learned about this Law of Perpetual Transmutation that I understood what I had experienced during those dark years of my life. I had allowed life experiences to darken my light. I stopped dreaming and setting goals. When I am not shining my light, there is no desire for life. Life is living and learning and creating. I was missing it. I could see I was missing it and I felt I couldn’t do anything about it. 

Thankfully, the opportunity came to change my environment. My husband and I found a perfect opportunity to move out of state. I remember when we made the decision to make the move, I made a statement to God, the Universe, Spirit, that if we did this move, . I EVERYTHING from that day forward would be to MY BENEFIT spoke it boldly and I expected it to be so. I was ready to LIVE fully again. 

I encourage you to speak boldly what you want in life and move forward in faith, taking the next best step, knowing it is so.


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